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Who have most loyal fans right now [poll]

+1 vote
Salman Khan
Aamir khan
Akshay Kumar
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6 Answers

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What right now? it has always been Salman..Salman had biggest fan even in his bad phase..

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
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+5 votes

Salman Khan. Always has and will. As for the others, second is Aamir........Third is Akki...............

For some reason, I like this GIF.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
+4 votes

i would say there are two aspects of this.....

answer is both aamir khan and salman khan.....

aamir khan ...because he has the goodwill that even his average movies are hailed as historic.... movies are considered cult classic before release.... his average movies are all time grosser.... like ghajini dhoom 3 pk dangal.... because of the perception ..... perception that whatever movie of his is playing is the best of all time..... which is why they beccome such big blockbusters..... but in reality they all are mostly average..which is evident because they never shine with time... they are forgotten .... neither do they get such historic viewership on TV ..... other than 3idiots...but then again i didn't include 3idiots in that group of 4 all time grossers.... that is all due to rabid fanatic fan following.....

second one parallel side of same thing.... salman khan

he has only 4 universally accepted movies out of his last 15 movies....and yet they are all 100cr grossers none are flops 9 are blockbusters or above..... that is counter intuitive isn't it.... his movies do 400% more than what they actually deserve....and if someone would say its all due to holidays...then ask suhas(a die hard salman khan fan who even enjoyed bharat and tubelight) how good was ready .... on a non holiday that it became third highest grosser ever.... or a race 3 .... or ..... im gonna say it...TZH doing almost 350cr.... a strict average movie.... its all due to unprecedented fan following

by Super-star (198k points)
+2 votes

Race 3 collection is 167 cr nett, that sums it up

by Producer (113k points)
+2 votes

SK by a fair distance. They have the power to make his bad films run too.

by Mega Star (225k points)
–4 votes

well, looking at behaviour of the fans of these stars on the forum:

Salman Khan's fans have constantly insulted his family, one of them said that he will make Salman beg on a signal and also wished he was never born, plus another called his dad "ittu sa writer", so definitely not Salman.

Aamir's fans have generally been very loyal. Rancho complains about the volume of his movies a lot, but otherwise has total belief in him. Some others like kashyap are fanatics.

Akki doesn't have that many active fans here, but the ones that are here are cheering him on and happy with his approach.

I would go with Aamir fans from the above options, as they have been constantly active and have not insulted him at least.

Though I would say, blind loyalty is not always a good thing.

by Editor (81.9k points)

So you are judging a whole fandom based on this forum


well I'm not very active on Twitter, and I do not follow fan accounts. so my biggest frame of reference is this forum. I didn't say that's how the whole fandom is.

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