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What are your views about opening of these action films by superstar who is known as romantic hero

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Karan Arjun- Bumper Record Opener

Koyla- Bumper Record Opener equalling previous Record Holder Trimurti

Josh- Bumper

Main Hoon Na- Bumper Record Opener

Don- Excellent

OSO- Bumper Highest Day of the year

Ra.One- Bumper Highest Day of the year

Don 2- Excellent

Chennai Express- Bumper with Record Weekend

Happy New Year- Bumper Record Opener

Dilwale- Excellent

Raees- Excellent

OSO, CE and HNY although not fully action films are in masala genre opened bumper with record weekends so why an actor who is known for romance gave huge openers in action genre
in Box Office Discussions by Camera Operator (11.6k points)
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Wrong time to say this.


But yeah....srk is the biggest superstar. His aura on general public is unprecedented.

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Yes, it's good. I'm actually hoping he makes a comeback with an Action movie and bumper opening is possible if it happens.

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)
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Because he's damn good in action, yeah people will connect he's not good enough or he don't have physique for that or the look but anyone with brains can tell that all these things are just bunch of nonsensical talks.

He's always been good in action, he just did action movies less and even in those movies where action is less you can see that he is infact good in that.

It's not just about punching and kicking or muscles, it's shit emotions too and intensity, which are required won't with choreography to make an action scene great looking on screen and SRK has that covered, and even then people had misconceptions that will he suit more massy type action, they doubts were answered in Dilwale & Raees which weren't good movies but SRK himself was good, more in Raees obviously.

Although i don't want action like Dilwale, it doesn't look good but one thing was shown that SRK can sit that type of stuff too even if it is not something which i prefer.

So all this nonsense is just as i said, Nonsense, SRK has always been good in action and different types of then too.

by All Time best! (269k points)
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there is no surprise his action movies opens huge......ce was entirely spoof of ddlj but there was enough action footage shown trailer and see the huge number if there was no paid preview, movie would have made easily record on day one with huge margin....but surprise is that when movie like dtph, dilse, vz, devdas, rnbdj, k3g, kank opens bumper/excellent when there is no single glimpse of action shown in trailer......this is only because of sheer fan following....nahi to tiger shroff bhi action me bumper deta some one will come and say baghi 3 is not bumper....thik hai...but opening day collections are bumper for tiger shroff standard...

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)
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action genre and masala are the easiest to get a opening in and ofcourse a star like srk will open big in this but his real stardom can be seen in the openings of his romantic movies and certain niche movies which would have not opened anywhere close to what they did with any actor or non actor

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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His opening pull was never in doubt in any genre.

by Mega Star (226k points)

what is happening here praise for shahrukh?


And when did I bash Shahrukh?

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Chennai Express, happy new year genre is masala genre.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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SRK always has the superstardom to take hige openings but hinestly he isnt giod or cinvincing in action at all..

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)

Because he dont take action that his intensity in raees or dilwale as a kali....fight sequence in HNY and Don2 at the begining....he has absolutely wasted superstardom by doing romantic stuff...especially this decade...he always like to portrays urban guy..


Bro i agree on the word intensity bcz he is a very good actor and the word more of deals with emotion and not action itself.. Raees decent but Dilwale and HNY?? If u meant he was good in those parts, i really dnont agree bro.. these were some of his movies where his action just made me laugh.. IMO he isnt simply for those perfect action movies..


Brother I dont want to say anything about movie like HNY and were absolutely pathetic....i am only talking about particular action scene of srk.....that masses like to see on big screen...

these were some of his movies where his action just made me laugh
this is what I said, he dont take action seriously...he is making fun of those action movies...he think kya ye ek akela 10 admi ko marta hai.....i hate this kind of mentality....because you do it people want to see it on big screen...he always likes to portrays sophisticated, qualified and decent guy with suit boot on big screen...

If u meant he was good in those parts
maybe u didn't like that is another thing but majority like it especially his looks and intensity...


I agree bro and no one can doubt SRK in carrying off any roles given.. and me too want him make a comeback with an action movie.. and lets hope he s back with a bang..

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