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what about you king?? (bow)


Tyrion lannister, Bran stark and Robb stark (and Summer and Grey Wind).

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Tyrion Lannister although the writers did no justice with him after S4 still for me he is fav

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Tyrion Lannister.......and no one even remotely close.

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Tywin and Robb are my favorites, Stannis is good too.

I initially liked Arya but after she separated from The Hound, her story became awful and the character became boring.

Jaime was a bright spot in the last couple of seasons.

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well i watched it for dragons and night king and white walkers.... really hoped for night king to defeat all of them.... and the entire show actually lead to that....from the first episode ...when they said winter is coming, long night is coming.... they build it up for 7 seasons and finished it off in one episode.... i dont care what happened to khaleesi..... and jon snow.... and all other stupid characters.... i just cared for night king his army dragons....and i was let down because of this.... i dont care if jon snow was not made the king...and khaleesi died....
when night king was killed i deleted everything i had of game of thrones....

3 times game of thrones disappointed me..... deeply
1st - eddard stark's execution
2nd - oberyn's gruesome death
3rd - night king's death

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3rd was disappointing but the first two were shocking rather than disappointing


its that shock ...that drove me to such disappointment


So u are basically cartoon lover...u dont care about human character.


yes and yes..... and adding further..... not just characters ...entire humanity .....
and yes.... i am obsessed with cartoons....and.... are you a psychic

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