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Who had the most fans in India before Dabangg?

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Saturday 11th September 2010 19.00 IST

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The surprise to one and all will be the fact that Salman Khan is not in the top ten in India. Salman Khan has possibly the biggest fan following in India but due to his last few films not having very big openings and a very dull opener like Yuvvraaj as one of his films still in the rankings system it means Sakman Khan has a low score. At the moment Salman Khan stands 11th on our rankings with a value of -278.60 with five films in the system.



The system will eventually have Salman Khan in his proper place wherever that is as he has more releases and some of his older films which were not suited to his image go out of the system.
in General Queries by Producer (113k points)

2 Answers

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What they use even in legal terms, an ''afterthought'' had earth shattering opening in actual words, so recency bias appears here, atleast in commentary

by Assistant Director (41.3k points) 2 flags

wash your hands.... and affected area...and then apply gently and carefully...... and remember... puri tube na khatam kar dena... you'll need it later as well.

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its like saying now srk has the biggest fan follwing in india but his last films have not worked lol which we know is not true

by Casting Director (16.6k points) 2 flags

So you agree srk don't have big fan following now


yes i agree but i also agree this article is crap too


Isn't this article the most used one by Srkians to troll Salman?


trolling Salman is a bad habit of SRKians. have to admit

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