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Mission Mangal is a huge HIT as it recorded collections of 8.50-8.75 crore nett on Monday. There is a drop of 50% plus from the Friday and the major multiplexes have fallen even more but there has been a huge drop in ticket prices at these multiplexes as they were at blockbuster levels for the first five days. The film is among the top three HITS of the year with Kabir Singh and Uri - The Surgical Strike.



The drop is more in the big multiplexes due this reduction in ticket prices but the overall number is still very good for a Monday and there is an open weekend to come where the film should dominate again. The total collections of the film are 105 crore nett in five days and the extended week should be around 125 crore nett. The film is sure to cruise past the figures of Kesari in no time. A 10 crore nett Monday would probably have even given the film a shot at 200 crore nett but that would have been a crazy number for this type of film which has limited commercial elements and an audience mainly in the big cities.



The film will be best in Mumbai, West Bengal and Mysore and all three are sure to set new highs for Akshay Kumar starrers. The first five day business of Mission Mangal is as follows.



Thursday - 28,50,00,000 apprx



Friday - 17,00,00,000 apprx



Saturday - 23,50,00,000 apprx



Sunday - 27,50,00,000 apprx



Monday - 8,50,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 1,05,00,00,000 apprx



The film has surpassed the numbers of Gold which did around 102 crore nett in just five days
Source Link: https://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5331
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Huge hit lol ok BOI we get it
Anyways Akki is on a roll here

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Wish Salman is as cheap as Akskay to get big hit verdicts with all releases.lol

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Just saying its a huge hit would have been enough isnt it?

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Finally two legends together...Sidhu moose wala | Bohemia | Same beef

haha..may be its a huge hit for akki as his films never crossed 150 cr..

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Finally 3rd blockbuster in akki career...

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Simmba was trolled on social media but it got trending in real world. What does that say to you.

General audience hates Khans so much that they still give biggest openings.

And Aamir Khan was trolled so much for PK that PK became ATG/ATBB & Dangal became ATG/ATBB after Aamir said his wife don't feel safety for their children in a India.

And yes, let Khans first do average movie with something called as "Entertainment" for audience and see it do decent numbers atleast. Because the movies they have done in recent years not only were rotten trash but didn't had any entertainment too.

And PRDP did more because there is an audience for family marriage video even if they are bad, just see it's TRP.


This Anti Khan sentiment is true, no doubt but again it's effects would be seen if Khans do genuinely Good movies or atleast entertaining ones and then audience rejects them.

But when they come up with hot garbage like they've done for last 2-3 years then blame hours solely on them and no matter comparing with other stars movies as their movies no matter bad were still better than masterpieces of Khans in last 2-3 years.

BTW Khans movies getting such response is also due to fact that they are the biggest, hence they generate more press and the expectations are always more, general audience perception is simple, the biggest stars must gives the best content, if they fail, their movies get more negativity, other stars don't have to deal with this.


General audience don't care for twitter trolls and memes lol then how do you think BJP wins with such majority by development
I will tell you what general audience think and what the narrative is go out and listen to normal people talking the talk is khans are anti-nationals whi love Pakistan funded by ISI to promote hinduphobia they hate hindus and India and Akshay kumar is a patriot whk loves india and does good work for India
Again this isn't about defending their films i mean who in his right mind will defend something like Race 3 JHMS
Coming to simbaa being trolled seriously you think that was trolling you see what happens when D3 releases how all hell will break loose
And about khans getting big opening well 20-30 years of hardwork just doesn't go away like that but the end has begun whether you may like it or not
I still believe Bharat if released before all this anti wave would have done 250cr


Bharat would've done more if it was good enough to do more. It wasn't.
As i said, bigger star bigger expectations. People don't expect optimum content from Ranveer Singh or Tiger Shroff. But they do that with Khans, they are biggest superstars and them making bad movies is unacceptable, but it can work with lesser stars because public don't expect much from them.
And Anti Khan wave wasn't only due to religion & BJP, it was also due to fact that many people used to think that Khans gets big blockbuster desire doing crap movies and other stars don't get success with good movies even.

Now how did Khans respond to this? Let me guess, by doing crap movies.

There are movies that worked in early part of decade which won't work now, similarly movies which worked in this part of decade wouldn't work then. Times are changing but not Khans, infact they actually chose the time when Audience wanted value for money to do their worst work. And that worsen the perception among audience.

It's a combination of many factors, and while i don't deny that Anti Khan perception had major part of religion politics (SRK fan here, guess whose the most affected khan from religious intolerance), spreading garbage in highest ticket rates in festivals and cheating audience didn't made any thing easier for them.

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Back to back Hits.............

(party) (dance) (music)


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Akshay on a Roll!!

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