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Mission Mangal was excellent on Saturday with collections in the 23.50 crore nett range. It was fantastic growth in practically all multiplexes. The Saturday number gives the film a chance to reach its first day number which would be an huge achievement. It will be difficult but there is a chance and it will probably be the first time that a big film released on a national holiday has gone and beaten or even challenged its national holiday opening day collections.



The collections of the film are now around 69 crore nett in three days. The film always looked likely to cross 90 crore nett after the first two days but now its going to cross the 95 crore nett mark. If final Saturday figures can hit 25 crore nett then even a 100 crore nett four day total will be on. But Hindi circuits will have to match the growth of Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Punjab and Mysore to hit that number which is unlikely.



Batla House is also doing pretty good business with collections of 9.50 crore nett on Saturday. the film has gone up by around 30% which is a good result for the film. The film is not competition to Mission Mangal but looked at as a separate entity the film has done well over the first three days. It has collected over 31.50 crore nett in three days and these is Sunday to come so it will be a healthy weekend and then the acid test over the weekdays which will determine the outcome of the film.
Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5321
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Akki was being brutally trolled for not crossing 133cr, but here is looks like he'll cross 150cr twice in the same year, back to back.

Now it's upto Housefull 4 to make that 3 movies over 150cr. 3 150cr movies in a single year is quite a feat.

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housefull 4 is a potential 250cr grosser...... and thats without akshay's new found goodwill....

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Calm down calm down BOI. There there.....take a deep breath. I swear the way this article is written suggests as if the writer was running around in the theater like an excited kid typing this.

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aaaaaankhein taras gai hain salman khan k liye aisa WOM daikhne ko..... but can't believe the words im saying..... salman khan is the new srk .... in 2000s his script sense was great.... in first half of 2010s it was good enough.... he peaked in 2015-2016 lol two years..... and now he's down with one of worst in script sense....probably comparable to srk .....

its straight tenth accepted movie of akshay..... good on him...congratulations
the way this movie's advance booking hit and now its boxoffice.....akshay has really earned goodwill on a huge level

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Now AKSHAY has MOST HITS MOVIES & MOST SUCCESS MOVIES by Any Actors in this Decade.

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superhit......well done akshay...mini industry

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lambodar ka matlab kya hai?? insaani zubaan main

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With the kind of lineup Akki has, he's a serious threat to top3 position if Hrithik doesn't take it seriously.
Look at the lineup man
Laxmi bomb
Bachchan Pandey

It was indeed badly needed, mean seriously An Actor having such a huge fanbase settling below 133.
It was long due, let's see if he can continue with khans going down, he can challenge the throne

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Why does boi always get overexcited during akshay movie??Strange things

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Patriotism on peak....

Kam kr gya...

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