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Mission Mangal has seen a good advance since counters opened on Saturday evening. The advance is heading to be the highest for an Akshay Kumar starrer in terms of collections as it will beat the numbers of last years Independence Day release Gold. The film will cross the 15 crore nett mark in terms of advance and maybe even be close to 20 crore nett. It should be among the top ten advances of all time in terms of collections.



The film is really scoring with the first day advances as Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan fall on the same day. The first day advances could challenge some of the bigger Hindi films. Thugs Of Hindostan has the biggest first day advance by a margin for an outright Hindi filmand its unlikely that Mission Mangal will reach that level but it could be challenging some of the other top films. It is the holiday factor pushing the advances so far but still for a film of this genre to have advances at this level is excellent. The film does not have chartbusters or big action. It is just the presence of one big star Akshay Kumar and the double holiday factor which are taking advances to levels where films which do not have a universal audience have not gone before.



There is talk of a clash and another film Batla House is coming but today clashes are good for films of these size as both can do more business released with each other on a holiday rather than a solo release date on a non holiday. It would have been a different story if Saaho had come but that film was postponed. A clash is only a problem when two genuine big budget films release with each other. These two films will double their fair value numbers on this big holiday while that is tough for a solo big budget potential blockbuster to do let alone two of them coming on the same day.



Last year Gold and Satyameva Jayate released together and the latter was one of the biggest surprises in recent times in terms of the initial as it scored heavily in mass circuits and was actually ahead of Gold in most of the smaller centres. But its a different story this time as Mission Mangal and Batla House are both multiplex films and Batla House will not get support in mass circuits be it Maharashtra, Gujarat, Nizam / Andhra, CPCI or Eastern India.



This will leave Mission Mangal with an open field as it will easily outscore Batla House across all multiplexes, even the smaller ones. But its not really about the clash for Mission Mangal but how well it can go post the big holiday and can it become a big HIT.
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that is a huge advance ....... no matter how you look at it..... its far better than a srk kinda advance ...and equally as good as an aamir khan starrer..... wonder what is the reason for it..... may be Akshay has become a star..... or may be he's earned so much goodwill through his past 9 movies...that people are just jumping for him....
this is a very very limited appealing movie....

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Excitement time for BOI. The next time article will be MM: A potential 200cr grosser. If the movie doesnt open too well, then the excuse of brothers and sisters celebrating Rakhi on 15th :D

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Hahaha Agree.....(rofl)

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BOI & Akshay Kumar is a better love story than twilight.

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I-day and Patriotic feelings working big time..

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Thugs Of Hindostan has the biggest first day advance by a margin for an outright Hindi film

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BOI numbers are not matching with other trade guys. Seems BOI missed the mark here.

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How you say that any proof?

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It's only Bcoz of HOLIDAYS...

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For a film like Mission mangal it's a huge advance be it holiday or whatever you can't expect a film with no songs and not so commercial elements to have 18-20 cr advance booking I said it many times that people underestimate the star power of Akshay Kumar and a well promoted Akshay Kumar film can open well which MM is , despite being not so commercial foxstar promote it well it's actually best promotion of an Akshay Kumar film in last 3-4 years.

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