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Most Followed Indian Male Actors On Social Media (Twitter + Facebook + Instagram) :


1. Salman Khan :-

Facebook - 37.05 Million 

Twitter - 37.70 Million 

Instagram - 25.30 Million

🔸Total Followers - 100 Million+ Followers 


2. Shah Rukh Khan :-

Facebook - 29.3 Million 

Twitter - 38.6 Million 

Instagram - 17.9 Million

🔸Total Followers - 85.8 Million Followers 


3. Akshay Kumar :-

Facebook - 25.9 Million 

Twitter - 31.2 Million 

Instagram - 28.2 Million

🔸Total Followers - 85.3 Million Followers 


4. Amitabh Bachchan :-

Facebook - 30.1 Million 

Twitter - 38 Million 

Instagram - 13 Million

🔸Total Followers - 81.1 Million Followers 


5. Hrithik Roshan :-

Facebook - 16.8 Million 

Twitter - 25.8 Million 

Instagram - 17.9 Million

🔸Total Followers - 60.5 Million+ Followers 


Salman Khan is Now The First & Fastest Indian Actor To Hit This Milestone & 5th Indian Celeb After PM Modi, PC, VK & Deepika! 

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Salman was,is a megastar in the truest sense.

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No doubt abt it

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Social media has not much relevance except communicating with friends

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)
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Recently a survey exposed Deepika & PC. They have most number of fake followers and likes lmao.

by Production Designer (13.8k points)

90% Actresses usually have fake followers
No surprise

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baaaqi sab to theek hai..i can understand you wanna follow salman khan for his funny tweets.... srk for his spamming.... amitab for his weirdness ... hrithik for his clothing and gym equipment .... but why the heck do you wanna follow akshay..... i mean straight away you are setting your goals.....to mediocrity .....

by Super-star (198k points)



Srk for spamming.. Lmfao(rofl)


SRK for spamming...well SRKians led by TB are not gonna spare you. Akshay for mediocrity? Kowsigan wont be happy

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Amitabh Bachchan is Still 4th Place in this list at the age of 76. That clearly shows his popularity. He is number one star according to me because more than 80 mn followers is not a joke on social media at the age of 76.

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The main reason is, he's always active unlike salman srk


Anything many other actors also active on social media but not gaining followers like him. And don't forget his age is 76 years and he is only actor in this list which box office stardom finished before social media entry. That's big achievement for me.

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The others were expected to be so, but imagine a superstar having such a massive following even at 76 as Ajay also pointed out. Clearly the biggest legend of all time

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Baadshah SRK has no choice left but to handle it. He knows his glory days are behind him. So graceful or graceless, he has to swallow it now.

When it comes to dignity, nothing beats Big B though. From what you're saying, I see it as sarcasm. Nothing else. Big B has always been fond of SRK.


he was fond of SRK and that's why started asking reasons of low TRP of KBC with SRK?

they had issues in 2005 2006, if i remember correctly even SRK semi-admitted having issues and then resolved etc


Well he wasnt wrong was he? SRK hosted it well, but KBC is Big B through and through. The way he does it no one else can...not even SRK


yeh baat aap kehtay achay lgtay ho......koi aur Amitabh Bachchan fan kahay to acha lgta hai......but Amitabh himself saying this.....that's why it is said ''apnay munh khud he miyaan mithu''

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