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Other contenders are Dharmendra,Rajesh khanna,Salman khan ...but they don’t have the great acting skills to match those legends...
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Dharamendra and Rajesh Khanna came through a talent hunt while salman is no match to these Great Actors

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this list is absolutely correct....all four legends...

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I'll always say DilIp Kumar. Acting legend, finest actor ever plus huge box office success. I'd put the great Big B in the same list too

by Mega Star (226k points)
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damn it.... i dont know how many times i have to repeat the same thing before it gets to the thick skulls in this forum....

there are only 5 main .... MVPs in bollywood...from start to now...

1 - Salman khan
2 - aamir khan
3 - Dilip Kumar
4 - Srk
5 - amitabh bachchan

in that order.....
and that includes legacy + on screen persona + acting + screen presence + stardom + boxoffice record + versatility

salman khan first because he tops in all these sub categories..... let me see if aamir khan srk dilip kumar can do a dabangg better than him...... what happened ??? aren't they supposed to be better actors than him???

why i included amitab bachchan in the list of top 5 ..... even though he's not as good an actor as dilip kumar or have blockbuster to movies ratio like him or hit ratio or success ratio or most number of all time grossers and all time blockbusters as compared to him.... and in his era .... there were essentially no other medium of entertainment or him doing same movies over and over again...... because im merciful to some old people here.....

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Career best performance by Salman khan is dabang/tere naam ..well all four of them have five or more better performances than dabang or tere naam ..they don’t need to do a dabang to prove their acting skills ..


give me one classic dialogue of salman that to be remember forever except those cheap dialogues like haage paadein or commitment .....for me dialogue delivery is the most important factor for an actor....

BigB, Srk, Dilip Kumar have no. of dialogue that to be remembered forever....all these three stars have exceptional dialogue delivery skill....they dont need to build physiques or change hairstyle or getup to prove as an actor and attract people...expression and dialogue delivery are their main weapon....
......though aamir dont have classics dialogue in his filmography but he worked in many classic films...


Which dialouge of srk is more famous than Salman?

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Amitabh Bachchan Is Greatest Of All Time Whatever Be The Criteria From Box Office To Acting Skills To Stardom To Popularity/Fan Following Or Awards

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Rajesh Khanna and Noo acting skills??
Kitna peg kagaye ho paaji

Rajesh > amitabh ..onscreen acting

by Set Designer (2.0k points)

I clearly said in his second part of the career...both weren’t great actors when they were the top stars ..


What second part?
Have u seen any rajesh khanna films?


No I haven’t seen ..

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No actor has a Hum Aapke Hain Koun without a fight scene to Wanted with no villian even able to scratch him to Andaz Apna Apna where you can rest a scene without laughing.
Blockbusters in action, romance, drama, comedy, sports drama to any genre in the books is not a great Actor.
Some more jokes, please.

by Producer (114k points)

Salman khan is the best actor better than dilip kumar or Aamir khan ...


I am not living in fools paradise, Salman is great for me, So is Dilip, the best ever, Aamir, Amitabh, Naseer,Nana, Sanjeev,Nawaz,Anil etc are greats.
No bad Actor can survive for 5 movies.

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There are Many Big Stars in KUMARS (Ashok,,Rajendra,,Akshay,,Dilip),, KHANS (SRK,Salman,Aamir) ,, KAPOORS (Raj,, Shammi) in Bollywood but BACHCHAN will Remain One.
BACHCHAN Name ke wjah se Abhishek kii DEBUT movie RECORD OPENING thi jo BOLLYWOOD me to kya Pure Indian Cinema me kisi ke paas aisa Achievement nahi hoga.
Amitabh still Giving HIT he is the only Big Star in Bollywood who has Given HIT at the Age of 75.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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None ..all are overrated ...real all time greats are Salman Ranbir Ranveer and Shahid

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)

Well from your list it’s ranbir >shahid>ranvir >Salman ..but none of them deserves to be there ..


Who cares about your opinion? go and ask to general people of my generation they don't give **** about amitabh or dilip or whoever old actors..they just know khans are greatest..(giggle)


If you don’t care then why you answered..haha yeah khans are great i included two of them in the list ..and the 3rd one is the contender..and who does not know amitabh bachchan..

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