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I genuinely think that those scientists & experts who achieved this mission in reality deserves a better movie than this.

And trust Akki sar to turn any of India's Social or Political issue into a half baked sugar-coated bullshit which will hide it's obvious flaws under the garb of nationalism.

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You hyper toxic male how dare you say a thing against a feminist movie

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Woh Tapsee Wala Scene Agar Koi Male Female Ke Saath Karta Toh Feminist Dharne Pe Baith Jaati!

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Sirf ek thappad par Kabir singh ko itna troll kiya jabki woh justified nahi tha.
Yahan toh pura assault bolke ban lagadeti


Han Aur Sabse Pehle Gala Phaad Ke Yeh Tapsee Aur Sonakshi Hi Chillati Eak Se Eak Hypocrite Bhade Pade Hain Yahan!


These bollywood feminists are a cancer to society


Well Rancho Feminism is Cancer. Period.

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Hmm will be box office success like his other movies but now its getting too repetitive

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It's a success alright. Akshay has put in all his usual elements here

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Great.will be blockbuster in canada I guess

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It's good as always............................

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Its So so. Not Bad, Not excellent. Somewhat good.

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Same damn thing. Same patriotism shit. Independence Day. 133Cr. Nothing Else

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Sir, ye to tatti hai.

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