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1 - Aamir khan

ofcourse thats obvious no doubts about it...  there are many examples but a simple script like dangal where that subject or something like that kinda subject has been done a million times but i don't know how he did it but he must have checked the tinniest of the details in the script and he says it stayed with him for 6 months he couldn't shake the feeling of not doing it right away even when he had not promised any time frame of when he might start the movie....  i dont know what and how he read it, i personally didn't find anything ground breaking there but seems like im alone here... i think its the most universally acclaimed movie from bollywood in past 60 years. thats just an example ofcourse...

2 - Hrithik Roshan 

just like aamir khan he doesn't get into something until or unless he's satisfied with script (or the money in "some cases") .... his script sense is great, people have liked even his flop movies.... which were flops for OTHER reasons.... like take Kites for instance.... it flopped due to excessive foreign language..... guzaarish has its own following... mohenjodaro trended pretty well for a movie which opened this low....and kaabil as well.... all these movies were good.... but going back to the script level...they were all incredible.... mojenjodaro .... would have been gigantic had they not skimmed on special effects.... which looked like shaktimaan....  kaabil had very very bad production values....very bad and disappointing.... bang bang i admit was just for money ... going back agneepath znmd jodha akber dhoom 2 krrish koi mil gaya...its been really long time...and now super 30....he's a master at selecting scripts.... but sometimes due to not being in total charge like aamir khan...his movie suffer from production blunders. 

3 - Ranveer Singh

all of his past i dont know 5,6 movies have been accepted greatly .... other than that aditya chopra movie.... and most were different from one another.... look its good that bhansali shetty zoya made movies with him.... they are masters.... but he picked these movies right... and he went all in .... now he's doing movie with kabir khan and karan johar.... 

4 - Salman khan

just minus these 4 movies and you go back to one blockbuster after the other....  but i know he had found a cheat code and he was using that over and over.... use his fan following and make massy movies and get huge opening and movie will become big hit ... so i am going to choose my favorite his 2000s era.... his movies were very very very good...but unfortunately due to external factors they didn't work... tere naam was exceptional, jaanemann was incredible , london dreams was a gem, kyun ki yuvvraj weren't all that bad maine pyar kyun kiya was super hilarious garv again was very good and my personal favorite tum ko na bhool payeinge and none of these got even a hit tag. so he had to use the cheat code....  and now he's seen entire decade without a flop and since dabangg none of his films have been rejected outright and didn't stop before hitting at least 100cr...which i think will remain unbeaten record as long as there is bollywood.... both an entire decade without flop and most consecutive 100cr movies

5 - Akshay kumar

look i hate it more than you guys... but its a fact.... his movies although have limited appeal but they ..at least most of them have been trending for weeks... you can go back to singh is bling (2015) to find a movie starring him getting rejected straight away....  his script sense in these small movies have been getting overwhelmingly amazing response.... and the list is huge too , straight 9 movies. 

6 - Varun dhawan 

ok fine give it to him they were not big hits but at least they were not outright flops so he didn't fail..... and im also not saying he didn't just fail he also didn't pass.... its  just a mid point for him.... and i think he' ll continue this as long as he doesn't get very lucky or get to work with some big name..who has big reach. 

7 - Ajay Devgan

just 3 underperformers in 6 years, when he vowed not to do a movie just for the sake of it after himmatwala and action jackson he's been really making very good and highly accepted movies.... drishyam was my personal favorite and golmaal again doing 200cr.......although not a good movie... but de de pyar de and raid were good, i personally enjoyed total dhamaal also. 

8 - Ranbir kapoor

hate to say it but his selection post YJHD has been very very disappointing, besharam roy bombay velvet ae dil hai mushkil jagga jassoos one after the other ....  although my favorite tamaasha was there as well and a flop but i loved it and like me many other also did....it was just not his time...and movie didn't really have a good theaterical prospect. 

9 - Tiger shroff

just skip this segment ..... there is no nothing here.... just action and absolutely nothing else. really ...if there is you can share it all by yourself

10 - SRK

here it comes the most disappointing actor of his caliber choosing absolutely nothing in terms of scripts started from ra.one and never ended. there was an exception of FAN but its a too long a list of one bad movie after the other...  when you are watching his movie you think did he really greenlit this even when he was in total control of production process. and script is the first step and he always loses there... like zero wasn't even fully scripted when he went into it. 

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Great work will agree with all of them
Although now the tide is against the Khans but their films have not been that good either
SRK has been terrible this decade

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Agree mostly. SRK has had the worst script sense out of all top stars. I still find it tough to digest how could he greenlight a disaster like Zero?

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Ranbir don't deserve the spot
Instead add ayushmann ..

Bombay velvet
Jagga jasoos
Tamasha (most wahiyat movie of all time)
Ae dil hai muskil (ah crap)

Only barfii was good sanju was 1 time watch

by Set Designer (2.0k points)

i said top actors my mahn.... ayushmaan is side actor to those who play side actors in khan movies.... and ranbir you can't deny his streak of highly accepted movies yjhd barfi raajneethi apkgk wake up sid....

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Ajay Devgn has shown an improvement post-2014 when he gave Drishyam whereas Shivaay was a little of his comfort zone. Baadshaho could have done better but again he returns with a bang in Golmaal Again followed by Raid, Total Dhamaal & De De Pyaar De.

My top five films this decade for Ajay Devgn

  1. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai
  2. Singham
  3. Drishyam
  4. Raid
  5. De De Pyaar De

Hope for the best because I can't wait to see Tanhaji and Bhuj: Pride of India.

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Aamir Khan Had Poor Script Sense Earlier When He Did Many Flop Crap Content Films And Also Rejected Good Content Blockbusters,
But After 1995 His Script Sense Became Excellent And Due To Which He Has Seen Just 3 Outright Flops After That And His Magnitude Of Success Has Been Huge Plus He Gave Many Classic Films As Well!

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)
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Raveer Singh should be on top

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)

3 movies from Bhansali and one from RS. He deserves 0% credit. His ability and script sense was seen with Befikre

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