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  1. Saif ali khan

there isn't even a tinniest bit of argument valid here.... the best negative character portrayal of all time is saif ali khan's langdra tyaagi. he was not only evil by looks and appearance but the mastermind...who's plan actually worked..... and he won....  and you cannot say this about villain all that very often.... the best mind games he played..... and he was even more convincing then his image in bollywood.... which makes it even more suprising and better

2. Sanjay Dutt in agneepath

tum kya lai k aye thay ...tum kya lai k jaoge..... there isn't even a tinniest bit of good in him....  he always smiling laughing he never feels he can ever be taken down.... and only thing missing ..... was wish he had more screen time.... 

3. Aamir khan in Fanaa

one mission, no non sense no saying sorry and going to any extent .... his powerful performance shift from hardcore terrorist to a vulnerable mahn ...who is deep down just a human being just like every other common mahn..... makes a good movie one of the best you will ever see. 

4. Ranveer singh in Padmavati (yes its padmavati for me they fed us that name for so long im sticking to it........ and ramleela is ram leela not goliyon ki raas leela ramleela ) anyways...

the king himself , he's passionate he's obsessive he's a he-mahn, he's manipulative, he lives his life with no strings attached, he's the vicious combination of brawn and brains and he will go to any extent .... to get what he wants...and his ambitions are even bigger than his own existence... every day of his life is a battle and every battle  of his he fights as if he's burnt all the boats.  khilji is ranveer had us convinced. 

5. Boman irani.

mahn he's a all these three movies you just wanna go out there and punch him right in his stupid face... you hate him so much.... he made these three characters so hateful that it almost seems impossible that how evil he really is to be that all over again one after the other. he was pretty darn evil in munna bhai mbbs but he was even more a satan in lage raho munna bhai ...and just when you thought he couldn't get even more hateful he gave us viru sahass budhe in legendary 3idiots. and all these 3 movies are absolutely nothing with him... and his portrayal.... 


a -  yes rancho he/they was good too....

b - yeah he was good but not better than these guys....

c - no country for overacting fest 

Source Link: Book - Evidence reveal that its not a hoax that abbie is a legend.... chapter 3 passage 33-93
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Arbaaz Khan in Daraar is also one

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Hmm Great List This Is

I Hope To See Badass Anti Hero Aamir In Vikram Vedha Remake

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Ranveer singh in Padmavati............

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Emraan Hashmi... Murder... Closest to reality

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Aamir in Earth........................................

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Yeah that is a very underrated act and one of aamir's best.

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Rishi kapoor in agneepath as Rauf Lala was amazing.

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From this list, Saif's Langda Tyagi is the best. A performance for the ages. I'd add Rishi Kapoor's Rauf Lala here in place of Baba though. Talking of Aamir, watch 1947: Earth. It's a spine chilling performance. I liked it more than Fanaaa

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Ajay Devgn's terrific performance in Deewangee. He won three awards for his acting.

  1. Filmfare Award for Best Villain
  2. Screen Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role
  3. Zee Cine Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role

Those eyes.......................

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