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Kinda disappointed with the casting.

Anyways many complained about the poor Hindi dubbing of Vikram Vedha so just happy that the Hindi viewers will get to see a proper remake of this gem.


Who would be the right casting for these 2 characters?


This guy often gives fake news. Any way poor casting. Saif & aamir jodi won't work.

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Three things to take out from this

1st Shooting will start from March end so LSC will be completed within 6months, that's a welcome change.

2nd Vikram Vedha was a classic and with Neeraj and Aamir at helm it's bound to replicate that magic and first mass role for Aamir in a long long time.

3rd thing shooting will be completed in 2020 only so it will come on Diwali 2021 as Eid is there for Salman to step in.

Glad to see Aamir taking charge, 1 film per year is essential to challenge Salman and carry forward the legacy of Khans.

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he just had a mass role in TOH.


Thugs role was a embarrassment and mockery though he tried well.
Comic roles aren't mass, mass is what Amitabh played in that same movie which Aamir last did in 2008.

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jhon abraham should be in place of saif.

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Happy Days For Aamir Fans We Will Get To See Aamir Doing 2 Back To Back Feature Films In Lead Roles Within Gap Of 1 Year!

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Yeah I immediately thought of your complaint about Aamir not doing enough movies when I saw this movie's start date. Congrats :)


Thanks bro :)


Even if Aamir nails it, people will simply compare with original and bash it without watching.
Take suhas's reply, that is the attitude everywhere. Only Salman can remake south and get away.

Only Aamir has to suffer. First ghajini, then forest gump and now this. I hope u are getting my point.


Hmm I Understand Your Concern Bro, Actually Aamir's Image Is That Of An Intellectual Classy Actor Due To The Great Content Films He Did In This Century Hence People Expect A Lot From Him And Also Negativity For His Films Will Be More If They Fall Short In Terms Of Quality, But Don't Worry Aamir Doesn't Go Wrong Much, He Gave Just 3 Outright Flop After 1995, He Is Determined To Make A Strong Comeback And Im Sure He Will Do So, Moreover If Remakes Are Made Well It Will Surely Get Good Reception In The Theatres Where It Actually Matters, What Few People Say On Social Media Isnt Important!

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I don't trust this. Whatever it is bollywood has to suffer.
For forest gump Aamir will be compared with Hanks and will be trolled and for this south fans will troll Aamir however good he is......

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My point too. Aamir shouldn't do b2b remakes.


Such South fans are fraud, South industries itself remakes movies among themselves, from Korean, Bollywood and what not
I don't support remake but if it's a good remake then why not

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Christmas 2020: LSC
Eid/Xmas 2021: Vikram Vedha

Looking good

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This will be a cracker. Aamir we all know is a gem of an actor. Saif is extremely underrated and he will match this fine too. 2 movies for Aamir finally

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Two movies for Aamir Khan, happy news

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Instead of saif some new pairing like srk or aki would have been gud with aamir. Anyway saif is also good in such roles ...

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And Saif Ali Khan will again give a better performance than Aamir. Bring it on. Saif looks the best with guns and one of the most comfortable actors of Bollywood in action thrillers. If you need style, go for Saif.

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