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Hello I am creepy is an alternate account of king Khan who himself was a fake account of Khiladi Mass and around 7-8 more who were also blocked. Users are reminded they can Express themselves with one account.

- Team IBO
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I am not saying he fake. I just say i think he is fake. If not than my mistake and appology for that.


Ajay yogesh is 1000% real account of a die hard fan


Ok brother i already accept my fault. Read my upper comment.

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2 hi log hain forum pay bus....intense aur rocsky.... baqi sab maya hai.

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(rofl)(rofl) Woh dono hi apna kaam kar rahe bass


Intense is a good mod.

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That's a good job finally

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Thanks bro


You deserve this tag of GOAT Mod ...

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In the future, read the rules on this post below to avoid being creepy (giggle)

by Assistant Director (44.0k points)

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