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I am obsessed with album of Kabir Singh and I haven’t even seen the movie . True Chartbuster album after a long time . All songs are magic to listen
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i can only say it about myself was not for was more like for those emraan hashmi music type lovers or these recent forgot that singers name.... ariit singh....type of songs..... people are crazy for this type of music..... ek villain had abundant amount of such songs....
for me best album of the decade is rockstar by .... LIGHT YEARS..... second one would probably be...tamasha.... but the gap is huge
before that we go back to yuvvraaj and before that there was jaanemann..... then perhaps lucky and then tere naam.... and then...the mega music of the best of all time... my personal favorite..... tum ko na bhool payeinge..... music of that movie is

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I dont like to compare since comparisons fall short. Kabir Singh is a gem of an album. My most favorite song of the album is Kaise hua. I know most would say Bekhayali though

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Kaise Hua... I hear this song on repeat... Theres an Euphoria


@Intense yup Bekhayali is right now in my playlist of new songs ..
I hear it daily ...

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