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How many of you aware of "Short-tempered" behavior of king khan. He was arrested for Threatening journalist in 1992. (Details inside)

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The whole world knows about 'hot headed' behaviour of Salman khan. All incidents are well Documented in the Media. But very few people are aware of that, SRK had also same problem in the beginning of his career (1992-1995). 

Here Details of such three incidents -

First incident is taken from Book "King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema (2007)" written by Anupama Chopra

1992 - Srk was very rude with journalists. Infact in 1992 he was arrested by police following complaint by journalist Keith D'Costa (CineblitZ) coz Srk believed he wrote the crappy Rticle stating Ketan Mehta had asked his wife Deepa Mehta to sleep with Srk to get comfy for Maya Memsaab scene. This didn't go down well so Srk abused the journo & even went to his house to beat him up. Then he threatened the journo infront of his parents of castrating him. After he was arrested, Srk called up the journo from the station itself & said "he will fcuk him". Chikki Pandey bailed him out.

Eventually Srk was informed it was not Keith who wrote that article. So Srk apologized & made up with Cineblit z. 

2nd Indcident taken from book "Salaam Bollywood: The Pain and the Passion" (2000) written by Bhawana Somaaya.  

1993 - at the time of Baazigar and Darr. Shah Rukh abused us and attempted to assault two of our journalists and threatened to burn the office on more than one occasion. We ignored his threats. The problem can be very easily dismissed as an ego issue. It wasn't. And Shah Rukh knew this. The trouble with our new breed of stars is that they come into films so young that they treat the studios like the college canteen — now warring, now making up with co-stars and filmmakers. Most of them are not mature enough to handle the... 

3rd Incident from Film information issue Dated 2 July, 1994. (During Shooting of Karan Arjun) 

1994 - The two hot-headed Khan heroes are at it again. One of them is reported to have threatened a press photographer this week at Mehboob Studios. And the other Khan hero is said to have threatened a journalist of a film glossy, again at Mehboob Studios. Both these Khan heroes were shooting for the same film when they behaved in the same questionable manner. Same same – rather, shame shame! 

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Well both the incidents are well known.

1992 - 1995 Srk was very rude with journalists. Infact in 1992 he was arrested by police following complaint by journalist Keith D'Costa (CineblitZ) coz Srk believed he wrote the crappy Rticle stating Ketan Mehta had asked his wife Deepa Mehta to sleep with Srk to get comfy for Maya Memsaab scene. This didn't go down well so Srk abused the journo & even went to his house to beat him up. Then he threatened the journo infront of his parents of castrating him. After he was arrested, Srk called up the journo from the station itself & said "he will fcuk him". Chikki Pandey bailed him out.

Eventually Srk was informed it was not Keith who wrote that article. So Srk apologized & made up with Cineblitz.

Then there was this,

WHEN SHAH RUKH KHAN arrived at the venue, he got beeped by the metal detector since he possessed a fully loaded gun. SRK’s trouser pockets were emptied when the security found the gun which the actor claimed he carried for his safety. Allegedly he explained that he had been carrying a gun everywhere he went since he had been receiving death threats from anti-social elements.

When the weapon was discovered, the security personnel began to throw their weight around and demanded an explanation. An irked Shah Rukh allegedly said, “Don’t you know who I am? I am Shah Rukh Khan!” To which the security guys apparently shot back, “So what? Why are you carrying a gun?” The name was of no significance to the security personnel who claimed they were just doing their job. They then demanded the license for the weapon which Shah Rukh failed to produce. This apparently went on for an hour. Finally SRK lost his temper and began to create a scene. He demanded that the hosts, Firoz or Sajid Nadiadwala, come to his rescue. Unfortunately, Firoz was busy with his guests and socialising with Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackarey. An exhausted and terribly annoyed Shah Rukh allegedly exploded, “Who does Firoz Nadiadwala think he is? After all, he’s making a film with a convict (Sanjay Dutt) and a waiter (Akshay Kumar).”

THIS COMMENT DID not go down well with Akshay Kumar or Sanjay Dutt. One of Firoz’s assistants rushed off to report the incident to his boss who then allegedly informed Balashaeb. It was said that the Sena chief sent a polite but firm message to SRK to not create an issue or he would personally see to it that none of his films get released in Maharashtra. Reportedly, SRK yet again retorted with some foul language only to realise his mistake and keep quiet. He also apologised for being so rude. One can’t really blame Shah Rukh for being angry after being pestered by the security but perhaps he should have controlled his temper as the situation worsened after that.

Left with no choice, Shah Rukh personally went down 26 floors of the Oberoi Towers, retrieved his gun license from his car and produced it in front of the security. He then resignedly handed over the gun to the personnel and entered the party. SRK stuck by Juhi Chawla and Manisha Koirala throughout the evening since he had come alone minus Gauri.

BUT THE STORY was far from over. The next day Shah Rukh Khan and Firoz allegedly had a massive showdown. This time, Shah Rukh was shooting for Yash Johar’s Duplicate at Horniman Circle in Mumbai. Firoz was also shooting nearby for his film Kartoos, starring Sanjay Dutt and Manisha Koirala. The only common factor between the two was the director – Mahesh Bhatt who was helming both projects.

Firoz had maintained his calm the previous night but had supposedly not forgotten the incident. An absolutely livid Firoz allegedly confronted Shah Rukh and said, “What do you think of yourself? You ruined my party. You are out to sabotage my film. You embarrassed me in front of all my guests. Meri naak katwaa di…”; and so on. Not one to keep quiet, SRK allegedly flared up and shot back at Firoz. Onlookers said they almost came to blows but Mahesh Bhatt intervened and stopped them.
Later, a celebrity journalist managed to interview Shah Rukh, who had a totally different story to share about the incident. Shah Rukh said, “They had called a security guy who did not look like one. I took out my clip and handed over my gun and asked him to give me a receipt stating that he had my gun and that I could claim it back. The fight was over a receipt that he did not give me and not the license. Normally, I would never carry a gun to a party. But I did so because I had driven alone from Film City.”

When asked if he had called Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar nasty names, the actor plainly denied the occurrence of any such incident. “Why would I call them a convict and a waiter? Jackie, Sanju and Salman are my best friends in the industry. Someone from the party must have put two and two together, getting five instead of four!”

Well, all we can say is, there’s no smoke without fire. And while this may have been his first big brawl, it was not the last!


Thank you.

First one was reported by Anupama Chopra in his book.

That second Incident is so terrifying.

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I've read this before. SRK was hot headed and abusive back then but he calmed down and has matured today. No point judging him today for what he said 25 years ago

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hahaha i can guarantee.....isko bht chamaatt paray hain iski jawani main...... star bana to theek hai .... izzat mili...jab star nahe tarha k attitude k sath aur single pasli body k sath..... chhitrol-o-chhitrol hua rehte hoga ye.....

by Super-star (198k points)
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Wonder why Salman fans hate SRK apart from being rival once, i mean he went to jail, that's more then enough to impress LLs.

by All Time best! (268k points)

They hate him because now he's smart enough to not go to jail while Sallu bhai still takes a yearly vacation to jail.

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Hmmm, this is interesting to read. SRK did use to be a little brash back then, especially his fight with Aamir. But overall this stuff happens and it's good that he's moved past it. And even if he called Sanjay a convict, today they are friends. I can believe is because entering the industry and almost immediately hitting dizzying heights of stardom has to mess with his head.

by Editor (81.9k points)

Nahi Shahrukh ke aagay tou nahi hai.....Itna clear kabhi military nahi hui par bass andhon ko kon dikhaye.


aray saath hai na khlai-maklooq.....accepted....nothing changes even then, fact is that Chairman senate win is such an awsum trolling stuff.....even better than winning elections ....main soo gya counting dekhtay dekhtay.....1 ghantay baad utha to Sadiq Sanjrani bach gya tha.....bohat hassi ayi.....unexpected win bhi kmaal ki chez hai


And let me think thats brcause of zameer and wasnt horse trading lol. Abb maza tou aata hai definitely humein apne 5 saal aaya bohat par uss time par hum army se panga le rahe thay unki sun kar nahi chal rahay thay. Also I knew it was doomed to fail....PPP is not trustworthy, pmln right now is way too weak. The ball is in ik's court and its not looking good. Punjab mein kaam jese rukk hi gaya ho. Its like that dialogue ke jo ik karna chah raha woh sunne our on paper best hai par he is not considering the public at all. Matlab kuch hazar marte our families masle mein parti tou kya hua waali baat. I am personally affected by a lot of this costliness due to huge changes coming in my family's life in this year and within the next 2. My fathers retirement plan doesnt look safe enough now, too much cost of sisters weddong. Its easier to just put the vlame on the previous governments though.


''hum army se panga le rahe thay unki sun kar nahi chal rahay thay'' .....panga ly kr dabakk k beth jatay thy......chul naachti thi aur next week he thandi hojati thi......Mushahidullah Khan, Pervez Rasheed, Tariq Fatmi.....aur bhi koi hoga....Nehal Hashmi types.....Army thori c aankhein dekhati thi to Nawaz apnay workers ka isteefa Army Chief k qadmoon mein ja kr rakh daita tha.......ghalati wahan hoe jahan London flats khud he accept kr leyay.....wahan sy IK k pressure mein Indian-American lobby ko khush krnay k chakr mein Dawn Leaks kr bethay.....inki aukaat nhn thi IK ka pressure ly sktay bawojood itni power aur paisay k......inho ny panic krna tha aur kr gaye, rest is history.

I was not expecting this win.....that's why it was a lot more fun for PTI

Regarding mehngayi....bhai hai to bohat kuch pichli governments ki wjah sy......only concern i have is of petrol prices, they increase so much in one go, looks like an inhumane act, as if they just trying to balance the balance sheet and not concerned abt awaam

......wrna gas, bijli k rates barhana mjhe majboori lgti h......koi 70% gas users k liye inka dawa hai k nhn barhaye gaye rates, slab system..........same for bijli, 300 units ** nhn barhaye so it's okay for middle class to be grinded too.....majboori hai filhaal.....yeh sb thora thora kr k he current account deficit 19 arab sy 13 arab py ly kr aye hain......taxes lgayein, aur in tajeeron ko to tunn kr tax lgayein....govt. ko kaunsa manno-salwa utarna hai, insay tax nhn lein gy to paisay kahan sy ayeingy......inhon ny muft maara lgaya hoa h......awam ko chitroon k kasarr hai.....

haan roti, cheeni, especially dwayioon k rates mein inkay jo blunders hain woh inko gaalian jaiz parri hain

Overall, i m happy with the way it is going....till amnesty i m waiting for a heavy crackdown on non-tax payers....wohi aik kaam h jisnay Pakistan ko bnana ya bigaarna base barha gaye yeh to aanay wali naslein inhay dua-ien dein gy.....aur In Sha Allah yeh barha lein gy.....FBR sy bari umeed h

Regarding personally getting effected, bhai aisa he hai......mehngayi sy hm jaisi middle class bhi bohat effect hoti hai.....pamper meiji k rates he itnay barh gaye hain...Allah aasani paida karay sbkay liye

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That's Badass attitude from King Shah Rukh Khan!

by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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if i would have achieved even 1 % of what this man has then i am sure i would be 100 times worse in behaviour

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

charlie...... thats how villains are created......

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But Shahrukh made all important friendship with Khalid Mohamed

by Producer (113k points)

This Khalid Mohamed Is A Wicked Guy I Remember He Misquoted Ramu And Wrote An Article How The Waiter Overshadowed Aamir In Rangeela, Later Ramu Clarified That He Did All That Bcz Aamir Refused His Invitation For Filmfare Awards Which He Personally Went To Give To Aamir!


He said he doesn't care what people said about his supporting Srk,I hated him for his deliberately not nomination of Salman for HAHK and giving award for KKHH to only show Salman as a supporting actor to Srk


What exactly does that have to do with this post?

–3 votes

I thought Its about but its about semi retired overactor

by Production Accountant (23.8k points) 1 flag

According to BOI
Salman was at no3
Salman was at no3
Aap apna website nikal lo jisme Salman top5 pe nahi tha, disaster/side Actor tha
Because as far as I know 1997-2000 Salman was nearly a superstar all his movies opened due to him and he delivered more hits than anyone else on his own
Regarding best phase Salman's blockbusters are all in the range of 2.5cr or more except ready unlike Srk who has only 5 movies above that and the last time Srk crossed Salman's underperformer prdp was way back in 2001 that's almost 2 decades if we ignore a CE
Whole Career wise
Most number of hgoty Salman
Most number of blockbuster Salman
Most number of Atbb Salman
Most number of Hits Salman
Most number of 3cr+ ffs Salman
Most number of 2cr+ ffs Salman

Kis baat ka ghamand hai actually, A disaster Actor is ahead of your KINGKHAN in each and every department


Bhai ghamand to tere dost salman fans ko hota hai.....semi retired jo bol raha srk fans use salman name in any discussion....we only respond once they badmouth about srk...srk fans dont many box office post to downgrade other stars...its only salman fans who keep posting every day box office numbers to prove how salman is megastar...isko ghamand bolte hai

aur 1990-1999 abhi puri list update nahi hui hai...boi ne sirf 96-99 ranking di hai....90s me sunny, govinda, sanjay, BigB, jacky anil abhibhi add hone baki hai...90s me salman ne ek bhi solo bumper opening nahi di...bumper opening tab di jab usse koi bada star ho, jaise srk (KA), Sunny (Jeet), Sanjay (saajan)...lekin its comes to carry a project on his own shoulder with less star than him then atul agnihotri (Veergati), rahul rol (mahdhar), Sohail khan (Hello brother), Sanjay kapoor (auzar) gave average to poor opening...only good opener was pyar kiya to darna kya and bandhan but too not even in top 5 opener of the year... from 93-1997 even sunil shetty gave bigger solo opening than salman solo opener.....

regarding best phase of srk all blockbusters footfall are 3cr in range...

and this wole career dont make any sense...dilip kumar gave 5cr, 3cr, 2.5, 2cr in 80s but he was not considered superstar in that era not even top 5 star...he always considers superstar of 40s, and 50s...


Ye side actor wali baat mat hi karo toh acha waise toh hum keh sakte without dhrama/yrf SRK is nothing
Talk with facts
Can't say for saajan as that worked due to many factors including music but that's the case with every movie, One can't carry the whole movie on his shoulder
Before Saajan sanjay also had plethora of failures he never was a consistent star
Jeet was promoted as a 2 hero movie
Salman was offered to choose any role between karan and arjun
Biwino1 was only due to Salman+David Dhawan brand combo woh bumper opener nahin thi kya same with dulhan hum le jayenge
Salman was clearly the male lead in hddcs
Judwaa was a Salman movie all the way same with sanam bewafa and bandhan
Pyaar kiya toh darna kya usme arbaaz lead mein tha kya aur top opening of the year se opening value decide nahin hoti hello brother good opener
I don't need to post explanation if you see in fair terms without any bias


bhai tu rehne de, tere samaz se bahar hai...

I m clearly talking about opening...
1) in 90s salman dont have bumper opening as a solo
2) He gave bigger opening in multistarrer movie when there is a bigger star than him like sunny, sanjay, srk....only biwi no1 & HSSh is exception where there r lesser star than him
3) he didnt given bumper or excellent opening multistarrer when there is lesser star than him, veergati, auzar, hello brother, majhdar, AAA, Khamoshi, HDCS
4) there are only few movie which took excellent opening ex. PKP, PKTDk and bandhan which were not in top 5 opener
5) none of his solo starrer in top 5 opening of the year in entire decade..

regarding saajan

sanjay dutt has do qaidi, ilaka, taqatwar, Thanedar, khatarnak which were excellent opener..and sanjay madhuri love affair were quite famous in between...

from 1994-1997 sunil shetty was bigger star than salman in terms of opening...krishna, bhai and rakshak were bigger opener than salman devid commbo judwaa and auzar

jeet was promoted as 2 hero movie same as auzar has promoted 2 hero movie see the difference in opening...

srk is nothing without yashraj/dharma lol......check record of yarsharj and dharma before they associated with srk....they were not in top 5 production houses at the time of Darr and kkhh....argue based on fact and numbers not like blind hater...

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