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"The Lion king" Language wise Breakdown for Week 1.

According to this sample data, Hindi version has contributed 62.12% (₹18.92cr Nett) of Total Box office (₹30.46cr Nett) in North/East/West Belt. 

All India contribution is definely in 45-50% range. 


Source Link: Data Source - Film Infromation
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Yes brand SRK has played an imp role in bringing Audience...but this shud also be accepted that even if it wasn't SRK....Dan too the Film wud have earned in the Same range ya may be 5-6cr less in Hindi Version....so it shud be accepted by SRK haters that yes SRK along with a section of Audience who wanted to inquire Aryan's Voice came for the Hindi Version and dats reflecting on the Box Office Collection

And this also shud be accepted by SRK fans dat.... SRK alone is also not wholly responsible for the High Hindi Version collection, as the Film first is accepted by it's Target Audience, 2nd it has dat Goodwill value and a nostalgia involved with it and 3rd SRK's own Box Office pull is also questionable as both JHMS & ZERO Total Collection is not more than 150-155cr,
He has that Stardom Offscreen intact but onscreen Stardom is has really taken a Hit

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Lol you're comparing it with the worst SRK movies of this decade. This decade after CE, SRK has done only 2 Masala movies. And the flops SRK gave in this decade were of romantic genre. Stardom has not taken a hit at all! Let SRK come with an Action Flick!

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What a great dubbing by Ashish Vidyarthi, Sanjay Mishra, Shreyas Talpade. I mean i couldn't think of any other reason for such results, or could i??

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Aryan Khan MASS


Yeah, Aryan Khan is quite a guy, someone who Disney chose to dub for their crown jewel in India. I wonder how he got this opportunity? (think) (think)

Otherwise there are other khans too who are not fit to step in Disney studios.


Otherwise there are other khans too who are not fit to step in Disney studios.:D

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Hail Aryan Khan(muscle)

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also don't forget that English version has high ticket rates....

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Congrats to Mayur Puri & disney! Heavy promotions in the last 2 weeks with the name of SRK done the thing for them (30-40%). There was literally 20-0 % buzz & hype for this movie before Disney announced SRK-Aryan dubbing surprise. My question to haters, Endgame did 350Cr in India. Why Far From Home is struggling to touch 100Cr in India?!

You gotta give credit, where it's due

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Afterall he is The King

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There was curiosity to check out Aryan Khan hence the good showing for the Hindi version. People remember the 1994 version and that nostalgia brought them back. Kids love the movie and they would drag their parents along irrespective of who is dubbing for the movie. (wasntme)

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No Contribution for Shahrukh Khan in hindi version. Previous movie adjusted is also same as current nett. And previous movie is a huge hit in india and that's benefitted for it. And after jungle book in india hollywood animation movies also doing good business in india.

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when previous film came and is it true that Kabir Singh is blockbuster due to Arjun Reddy and how you came to conclusion that srk has no role where english version is less which is rarity and jungle book did well because of dubbing by bollywood actors otherwise it wouldn't have been mega blockbuster film

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