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Opening Report: Arjun Patiala - Judgementall Kya Hai

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The Lion King continued to dominate the box office as it had higher morning occupancy than the two new Hindi releases Arjun Patiala and Judgementall Hai Kya. The Lion King is looking at a very strong second weekend and will easily be the top film this week.



The opening of the Hindi films is not up to the mark. Arjun Patiala has a poor 5-10% opening while Judgementall Kya Hai is better at 15-20%. The latter has a more defined target audience of the metros and when films dont have much face value with stars then this target audience gives it a chance.



Arjun Patiala is a more commercial film but being a spoof type and on top its a small film it pretty much limits the film. The film will do a little better in North due to the very Punjabi feel and Diljit Dosanjh but the collections there also will be behind Judgementall Kya Hai in Delhi city, Gurgaon and Noida which could mean less collections in North also compared to Judgementall Kya Hai. Overall Judgementall Kya Hai will be ahead by a margin and possibly even double.



The growth potential of Judgmentall Kya Hai will also be more and it will come on Saturday due to the metros but it remains to be seen what happens post the weekend.
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Arjun Patiala is getting outright negative reviews, and the few positive ones also have negative things to say. This time Dinesh Vijan was unable to pull it off. Also a step back for Kriti. She has one more guaranteed flop coming this year, with one more movie that could possibly work.

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