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With lal singh chaddha only one concern is that most of the hollywood movies remake in bollywood not good at the box office. I repeat most of the movies not everyone. Everyone trust aamir script sense but this point goes against aamir. Hope movie well made.


Is it the remake of DJ ...

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Akshay Kumar the mass star is back now with housefull4 , Sooryavanshi,Laxmibomb and bachchan pandey ,with the chances of Prithviraj Chouhan as well.

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Just....why? He already announced Sooryavanshi for Eid 2020 and despite having so much pedigree eventually shifted. So why announce this movie against an Aamir movie for Xmas?

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He will shift again. An announcement will happen in the second half of 2020. Aamir and Salman......deserve solo release


Because its Nadiadwala.... And aamir khan's movie not being a front loaded... And this one being equally as frontloaded as sooryavanshi...
Salman khan didn't want clash so it was averted... Unless aamir khan talks to Nadiadwala which I think he will not... This clash will happen...

AAMIR Khan has nothing to lose from this clash... While akshay has everything to win from this clash... You get my point?


Why won't Aamir talk to Nadiadwala? He will lose a lot here. In the same span of time his movie might have a lower opening than a Akki movie and lifetime will definitely be affected. He needs a win after ToH. He'll definitely try to stop this from happening.


I guarantee you this.... Aamir Khan never ever does that and he will never ever do that... He has never gone to opposite party for shifting their movie... ... He has only done it once... That too was with Salman khan... Because obviously those days salman khan was gargantuan... Dhoom 3 vs jai ho... Even that wasn't a straight clash... It was a week apart...
He didn't even ask to postpone rival movie when he had put all his money in lagaan... Opposite gadar

Although he learnt his lesson and stopped putting even medium amount to his movies.... TZP JTYJN DG PL SS... All these movies had clash... But they were smallest budgeted movies ever.... Which is why... He has nothing to lose... Lal singh chadha is exactly the same kind... Smallest budget movie...

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Bhaagey ga Xmas se b date change ho jaygi aur isko pta b nahi chalayga koi puchta Jo nahi iss se koi standard hi nahi hai

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Imaginable -

Xmas 2020 - Laal Singh Chadda Vs Bachchan Pandey

Reality -

Xmas 2020 - Laal Singh Chadda

Bachchan Pandey - chupne ki Taiiyari..... and shifted the date.

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Christmas is much bigger and had space for 2 movies..definitely clash will happen


Not a very big difference between eid and Xmas. Around 50 cr difference there. But don't worry sooryavanshi buzz is 10 times more than this film due to rohit shetty still clash not happen than how this clash happen? Not even 1% chance.


Because aamir is not THE SALMAN KHAN


both are still very similar currently in stardom.

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It will come on new year's weekend. Akshay's a big star in his own right but he can never think of a clash with Aamir

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There's no new year weekend next year, 25th dec is Friday


Then solo release for LSC confirmed


If akshay starts shooting for bachan pandey 12 months from now.... He will still be ready with this movie....for Christmas...
How can he further postpone it?
Unless ofcourse movie gets shelved


@GN, Hmm but a clash for Aamir looks dicey
He will get solo release most probably

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Is it remake of DJ? Akki is now targeting Edx
Farhad is the director that's a concern for them
Anyways Aamir has a upper hand, people have immense trust on him.
Keeping an eye on his script choices LSC looks solid
Still 1.5 years to go I think Bachchan Pandey could postpone because there's no new year weekend also.
Interesting times ahead but I will put my money on Aamir

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Forrest Gump indianised vs an original story could have some negative effect on Aamir.

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1stly Clash Will Not Happen

And In Case Clash Happens Laal Singh Chaddha Will Win The Clash Right From Advance Collections, Opening Occupancy, Opening Day Weekend Week Collections, Single Day Collections To Lifetime Collections, It Will Be A Clean Sweep.

Aamir Khan Is In His Comfort Zone- Comedy Drama
He Rarely Went Wrong After 1995 And Whenever He Went Wrong He Made A Strong Comeback, He Is Determined To Do So This Time As Well And Hence Kept Entire Control Of The Film In His Own Hands!

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It wont exactly. Around 1% chance Aamir goes wrong with LSC.

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I think time had started for others to clash with salman and aamir films..
Clashing with aamir would be risky because aamir has got goodwill which no body has in india, he selects good scripts and other side akki also got goodwill now because of choice of films..
I think one can clash with salmans films like dabangg3 if they are coming with content oriented films as dabang3 will be masala film and in clash it will receive more negativity and split the audience

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Salman will get away with another solo release next Eid while rest are fighting for Nonholidays


I think one can clash now thats what i think..
Race3,bharath both didnt live up to expectations..
So a big star can come with content or even this gen stars can also come with content and clash with him


But filmmakers don't think what you are thinking. That's why Salman is getting solo festive release twice in a year and others are clashing even on non holidays.

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Sabko X'MAS chahiye
Kick2 see hote huye, KRRISH 4 ko chute huye, Luv ki Ranjan dekhte huye, Laal SINGH Ko milkee Bachhan Pandeyia pe rukenge????

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The poster is damn good..could give aamir a stiff fight if somehow itcomes out an entertaining flick

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Akshay looks really young here. Looking forward to it.

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Amitabh Bachchan+ Chulbul Pandey =Bachchan Pandey

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This makes a change for once to see Akshay Kumar do action movies. Looking forward to seeing this film.

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Earlier there was a time bichare ko solo non holiday release bi naseeb nai hoti thi..now he took 3 festival release with help of big banner n director in wch eid date release his producers ran away without considering him..:D.. now its time for another run..... Well abt poster its very rich in clarity..

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Clash Nahi hoga ZERO & SIMMBA ke trah SEMI CLASH ho skta hai.

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Release date is 25th

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This really looks unique & amazing. Thank god Akshay is finally doing something new or you can say a Comedy movie. Though I truly feel that Bachchan Pandey will shift to 25 Dec or 27Dec as Simmba did. As on this poster, makers didn't disclosed accurate date. I am pretty sure that there won't be a direct clash but a semi-clash is confirmed.

by Production Designer (13.8k points)

Yeah what I also saw that... It only says Christmas... Not 25th December.... Which will mean it will not release on Christmas and instead... It will opt for a release on chrtistmas..... Dumass

Also... that'll be a great decision.... Releasing your movie on Sunday instead of Friday... Dum dum Dumass

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from clashing with a non actor to mr perfectionist akki is going great

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lol jab sallu ne rohit shetty ke per pakad liye tab to hona hi thi shift


Rohit ke per that shows aukad of akshay as lead hero.. well munna aki ke movie release date salman decide karta hai..:D.. pehle tu decide kar tu fan kiska hai aki ya hrithik ka.. agar aki fan phir tujhe pelne mae mazaa bohat ayega.. jaldi bata


He's a Ranbir Kapoor fan.


The fan of guy whose career run by heroine link up.. not worth of talk..

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