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In My Opinion It's Ranveer Singh With Three Consecutive $10 Million Grosser, *Padmavat ($29.8 Million) - Simmba ($13.5 Million) - Gully Boy ($10.2 Million)* | 3 Different Genres, 3 Different Directors... Hands Down Man 👐

🔸Aamir Failed To Do $10 M With TOH (1st Phase) ​​

🔸Salman & Srk too have 3 Consecutive $10 Million Grossers, Still The Numbers are Not Upto Their Levels!

Whats Your Point of View Tho? 

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Salman is No1 in Gulf and Pakistan followed by SRK.
Barring these 2 SRK is biggest in all those Traditional Overseas markets.
Aamir is biggest in all nontraditional markets and 2nd biggest in USA/UK after Srk.

Ranveer is emerging as a star there still a long way to go to match the Khans.

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This Is True I Agree (y)


Stardom and fan following wise yes
Salman no.1 in gulf and Pakistan
Aamir in China Japan
Srk in Europe

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In traditional markets it's SRK while in Nontraditional markets it's Aamir while Salman in third biggest after these two with good following in middle East and Pakistan ,ranveer can't be compared with these three.

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Hahaha nice joke. Truth is here -

Ranveer Singh -

  1. Padmaavat -

Credit - goes to Bhansali and Karni Sena. In overseas also controversy help it alot to create buzz due to news and Sanjay leela bhansali all movies with recognised faced has always high overseas numbers due to bhansali brand in overseas. And movie gets extraordinary positive wom.

  1. Simmba -

Credit - goes to Rohit shetty. Rohit shetty is a brand and with a positive wom film and a big blockbuster and most cult classic movie remake help a lot to generate a good overseas numbers. And Xmas period help a lot for this film.

  1. Gully Boy -

Credit - goes to Alia bhatt and Ranveer singh both not a single person take credit for this film. And a rap music with positive wom generate $10 mn overseas number in a big way.

So clearly his all the movies gets positive wom and most of the the credit goes to external factors. Ranveer singh is not a much credit for these movies. That's why his points are still far behind than both 3 khans.

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Finally a sensible answer. +1 to that.


@ajay, Ok, if not RS... Then who's no.1 box office star in Overseas in last two years?


That's depend on when a actor stand 1.5 years before and hiw much points decrease after these 1.5 years. That's work by BOI not mine. As par my opinion all 3 khans is bigger than these new comers in overseas right now.

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SRK doesn't have just 3 consecutive $10m movies, but 10 consecutive. And unlike Ranveer's movies, most of SRK's were terrible, especially the last 2. Just think, SRK's $10m streak started before Ranveer even debuted.

Ranveer may be the biggest overseas star in his generation but he's not close to SRK or Aamir.

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Im talking about last 1.5 yrs
Yeah srk was biggest os star in the past decade but now he has lost it all
Accept it or not


in last 1.5 years Ranveer has had 3 releases so that doesn't make for fair comparison. Not to mention all of Ranveer's movies were very well accepted and hits/blockbusters in India too. Remind me the overseas gross of Ranveer's last unsuccessful movie?

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Well a recently released Hollywood movie had Hindi dub shows for it in USA along with English version.

I think that sums it up..!!

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They do, and if 1 or 2 shows doens't describe it then 1 or 2 movies doesn't describe anything.


You're stubborn


You have no idea.


All Dr Srk fans these days
Damn They don't accept reality

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You're a Salman Khan fan, you have been doing good in life. Dont lower your standards to mediocrity by becoming a fan of any new actor.

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Hahaha he's apparently a Salman fan but he's making a post for praising Ranveer and even putting Salman down in comparison. Just look at the difference between his behavior and the behavior of other Salman fans. It's clearly a Ranveer fan masquerading as a Salman fan.


Im just stating Facts
I was, is & will forever remain a salmanic


@mr.hola.. Hahahahah Seriously?
I have handled 20+ Salmans meme pages on facebook, insta & there's chance that wherever u see a salman praising meme, 90% times it belongs to me.. Im doing this since 2012.. (not here)... I don't need a certificate? Ok?


@Mr. Hola
Maybe he likes Ranveer little bit among youngsters but he's a kattar Salmaniac. I know him from many years.

Welcome to the forum bhai.


@Yogesh. Alright man. You don't need a certificate, sorry for assuming something that wasn't true.


@tigerr...Thanks Man!
Good to have a Frnd here




Yogesh, Ranveer Singh is nothing in overseas. All success you're counting is due to external factors etc. SRK will always be the biggest of all time overseas along with Aamir and Salman. Fact will always be fact

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To be honest and precisely all the three Khan's are at par no one is bigger or smaller as far as overseas is concerned at the box office but Ranbir ? Seriously yogesh ? Ranveer is just making the strides there but not the No.1 if he keeps doing better then he will be but that too after 4-5 years later

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What about Bajrangi Bhaijaan China release in 2018 April?

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Sultan's Collections level that up

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ranveer for the time frame mentioned

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Ranveer obviously. SRK comes at second.

Also Tubelight did $8M OVS which is way too low as per Khans standard while Thugs Of Hindostan stopped at $9.4M which is not good as per khans standard. But the Overseas king is still SRK as he's on $10M spree. Started from Don 2 and it's still going on. 10-12+ $10M movies is a huge achievement and seeing Ranveer's movies performances, looks like he will be future ovs king.

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Are u drunk or what
Race3 with disastrous reviews and wom did 13.5m os business on eid and zero with mixed to good reviews and wom on Christmas failed to cross that ?have some Shame, dr.srk is megastar of Chindi records internationally ..accept it and watch jhms


Why did you asked this question when you have already made up an answer in your mind?


Hmm right Tzh (20M) did more than Raees (14.1M)
But what about Prdp (14.7M), Sultan (24.1M excluding China)
No bro you can't manipulate like this with such guts


Suraj chand audience loving zero became terrible movie now lol.. word terrible is reserved for race3 wch is did 14m..

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