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What if Judgementall Hai Kya crosses 100 crores?

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I know there are many haters of the person Kangana, but then the mastery of the art she has can't be neglected. She is one of the best Bollywood has.

I sometimes think that this movie could cross 100 crores and yet again prove that Kangana is THE ONE in Bollywood.

I know many will be shocked if this movie crosses 100 crores mark with a budget of 30-35 crores. However, provided the perfect script(my expectations), and the terrific work of Kangana and Rajkumar, there is a chance that it can go Stree way...

I would like to hear feedback from Kangana haters... I think they need to create a review sticky post for this movie.
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If it gets the full audiences of the type of movie it is, 150 crores is the maximum potential, Yogesh. Nikeel, the songs were nice, the other ones too.


Maximum 50cr at best....
Don't even expect 75-100cr..
Be reasonable please


I don't know why this movie is being boycott by all media. Probably because of she and herself


well as I said It won't cross 50. Thats the case. It won't cross 35 now.

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Okay. The problem with Kangana she is a good actress but in real life she is too bad. She switches side from film to film. During Simran she was siding with Left Wing people. But in times of Manikarnika she switch her side to right wing and starts catering to **.

And moreover she creates unnecessary controversies. He foul mouth sister also responsible for this. She and her sister tries to bully Alia who is younger to her. She takes dig at Karan, Varun, Alia, Deepika, Ranbir.

Just check her recent video on Journalists. She said bad things about journalists in a derogatory manner. Check her sisters Twitter account.

And regarding to your question This film won't even do 50 crore. The genre and her controversies not helping it.

At last Kangana need to go to Meditate somewhere. She is not making friends. Balaji won't work with her again. So give respect to people to get some respect in return.

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True. To be honest some of her statements or thinking isnt wrong. Her views on nepotism (to an extent) is right I feel. It's that she has made everyone an enemy and that sister of hers has damaged her reputation even further


Nepotism is everywhere. The previous generation worked hard so that current genration don't struggle. Nepotism se kuch hota toh Uday Chopra, Abhishek, Tushar Kapoor, Jacky Bhagnani superstar hote. Lok talent ki wajah se tik jate hain.


True. That's why I said I agree partially not completely.

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HR fans will get angry.

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What if JHK crosses 100 crs?
Answer is Kangana will get more strength to brag about the super success of her movie, just like she did about Manikarnika, except this time she will be telling the truth.

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Manikarnika wasn't bad at all.

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Open a fan club for Kangana. Hope her remaining 5-6 fans dont lose heart once this movie is gone

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Wait and watch, my friend. As a person, I hate Kangana more than you. But I like her movies, I just forget her persona while watching her movies. Manikarnika was a good movie too, no one else could do better in my opinion.


I pretty much feel the same way, Dev. Once they are talented then you don't think too much of their off-screen persona. Yeah, Kangana is bic*y off-screen but she's a good actress.

I always like her performance in Gangster which is my favourite movie of hers followed by Woh Lamhe. She did act well Manikarnika in a powerful performance.


all kangana fans should be boarded to a flight over bermuda square


We still have admirers of work, Nikeel. Gangster was good and I think it was mostly because of Kangana that it was successful, similarly Woh Lamhe

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Realistically 60-70cr wud be ideal Lifetime.... Even this can also be hard to achieve considering it's more of Adult centric with average buzz among Youths which for me is it's Target Audience.... So 60cr is wat I think it will do.... having said that...if it does above 100cr....2 things will come into play.... Concept & execution is liked by audience and Kangana & Rao hav some pull among Cine-goers

Kangana's Big Bet is Next Year Diwali release "Dhakkad"

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My bet is for 75 crores to 80 crores as the reviews are good, specially everyone is praising the story.


BUT she may clash on Diwali with Dhakkad.

Ironically, the last non-Khan that got a solo release on Diwali was Hrithik Roshan which also had Kangana Ranaut in a supporting role.


@devendran how you know that movie wom is positive? Tell me before release.

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43 crores .............

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