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I am still biased as I actually rewatched season 1 couple of months back & watched season 2 couple of weeks ago, so both the seasons 4/5.

And even though the rating would be similar, I rank Dark above Stranger Things.

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Great series. The biggest drawback is that you cannot remember the details in between the seasons so previous seasons have to be rewatched. I rewatched season 1 just before seeing S2, and now will rewatch both seasons when S3 releases. It's rewarding in it's own way, but I would not recommend anyone to start it now, better to wait until S3 is released and then watch in one go, as it is the final season anyway.

I find it tough to rate TV shows, but both seasons would get 4.25 from me.

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it is mature..... not mature like sex and profanity and men's dongs dangling and bones being crushed and brains and guts spilled (which i find stupid and unnecessary)
its mature in its treatment.approach..and ideology ..when you watch find it repetitive...... like alot.... and it never gets to the point.... and roaming around in circles.... but when you finish it... it was all worth it....

first season is 3.5/5
second is 4/5

P.S. if you liked that show ..which these newly out of infancy children are liking.... stranger things.... then first of all you should be ashamed of yourself and secondly you might find both dark and and strager things as distant cousins at first.... but then you will slowly begin to choose a side...and enjoy one more than the other...and hence become either an idiot or just a regular viewer.... depending on which show you liked better.

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