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In the Upcoming Episode in Bepanah Pyaar,

Pragati meets Sukanya who uncovers about Bani's top mystery.

Bani was a prepared mountain climber, this fact staggers Pragati when she tracks down how a prepared mountain dweller could tumble from the precipice and kick the bucket.

What's more, this will currently bring the greatest defining moment in the storyline when Pragati will incubate reality and will uncover Raghbir being Bani's genuine killer.

Pragati is really Bani who took Pragati's mask to know Raghbir's genuine personality and her homicide truth.

In the new promotion of Bepanah Pyaar, Pragati rehashes a similar passing scene when Bani tumbled off from the precipice and kicked the bucket.

Where this time, Raghbir spares Pragati and holds her hand.

Bani comes back to scrutinize Raghbir's adoration

Pragati questions Raghbir of why he didn't spare Bani that day.

A major stun to Raghbr and the watchers, Bani wakes up and reminds Raghbir that she is Bani, not Pragati who returned back to know the reason of why he let her pass on.

Bani reminds Raghbir that she returned back to deliver retribution for her Bepanah Pyaar.

Give see what new bend a chance to will come in this affection and vengeance adventure.

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