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Official teaser of much awaited YRF biggie WAR. Stars Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff.

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WTF abbie.. are you?


Hrithik is the bad guy, Tiger is the good guy...until the time when that last fight sequence shown in the trailer happens and then hrithik tells him how he is actually a good guy trying to fight the bad guys. Hrithik probably wins that fight or something but then gets captured by the real villains. Tiger comes to rescue in that scene where he is firing a machine gun and where Hrithik is in shalwar kameez.


ha ha Suhas...
I am a old school guy....
Mein Har Husan ....Har Ada...Har Khoobsoorti ko Taawooz/importance deta hoon!!!!..
Just one glimpse of Vaani in two-piece (in the teaser) is good enough for mention her name in the title (cast)!!!


For the first time, I actually liked her. And that two piece was....

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It will break all opening records this year and with solo it can easily surpass the mammoth 50cr mark. HR started the 5cr opening club, hope he's the man to open 50cr.
Have huge doubts on the director but the buzz it will create will be among the likes of ETT, Dhoom3..

by Executive Producer (66.4k points)
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At least the teaser hints so unless Trailer and music disappoints.


I'm sure you're right.... but in my opinion
It's buzz isn't even gonna be half of ETT and Dhoom 3.
Its buzz won't even be equal to krrish 3...
It's more like race 3... Probably even less than race 3.... Going by the teaser ....




...Saaho is too big to compare with this .... But on the brighter side .... It'll be equal to tiger zinda hai ...

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Teaser is Fantastic ..
But why Tiger is given equal space of Hrithik inspite of him being a junior & small star ...

by Producer (118k points)

All i want is Hrithik to have positive role & Tiger a negative so that in the end Hrithik triumphs over Tiger ..


Even I didn't like it, But maybe they want to give both of them a Equally Strong Opposition
A battle of giants which will be interesting watch because that's the theme


Irdwhelp, as the title suggests probably are in competition or some sort of war with each other. Hence the equal screen time. Rest we can see how good HR is looking and overshadowing Tiger easily


Reason is simple.If you want Superhero;You need supervillain.
And this is one vs one kinna movie like rogue assassin i guess.
So you can't ignore any character..

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Oh mahn;This is awesome.HR is looking super cool and hot.But my biggest concern is director.He workes more on glitters than glory/story.Big bang is prime example.
Even if the movie is at level of baghi2 which itself was a mediocre film;movie will collect 300cr..
All they need is decent direction.
Action-scale-vfx-look all are looking upto the mark;Now we hope for a good script.
Fingers crossed

by Director (131k points)
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Clash Will Effect Its Business Potential Both In Opening And Lifetime Specially Opening
Its Pure Action Film And Such Films Have An Upper Limit

Anyways Expect 40-45 Crs Opening And 300-350 Crs Lifetime!

by Executive Producer (63.3k points)

300-350 for Sid
Don't give me hopes, let it cross 250 first
Anything more will be welcomed


Rancho and Roman, still more than 2 months left. Marjaavan might shift as well. Action movies open big. I am expecting 250cr in best case and 170cr lt in bad case scenario


*300-350 Crs Only If WOM Is Good/Film Is Liked By Audience, Im Considering Positive Scenario For The Film Though The Director Is Mediocre But Lets See.

Hmm May Be Marjaavan Will Shift But Not Sure About It.

Anyways 40 cr Opening And 300 Crs Lifetime Is What I Expect!

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Much Awaited Movie This Year For Me Now. What A Fantastic Teaser. Records Tumble This Gandhi Jayanti.

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)
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Much much better teaser than Saaho. Anyways should take 40Cr+ opening EASILY & should do 250Cr EASILY irrespective of the reviews.

The VFX, Scale, Locations, Hrithik & Tiger looked damn dashing. Though there should have been a dialogue.

by Production Designer (13.8k points)

Absolutely. Saaho disappointed big time with its trailer

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Looks like a serious tone sequel to bang bang ....

Visuals look incredible ...

Opening scene of punching from bikes .... Is pretty darn stupid....very very stupid...and it's pretty much Guaranteed that movie will have 70% of this kinda action ...

Movie will get negativity from every corner... ... other than mass media will go crazy to crap on this movie ...

Looks like money well spent ... Looks bigger than tiger zinda hai and Kick terms of scale and production values ... But smaller than saaho and ek tha tiger... and comparable to bang bang and Dhoom 3...

A student teacher will be filled with stupid kinda action . Dhoom 3 kinda.. And content will take a backseat ..... Content will he very bad ....critic reception will be bad to below average ...

First week will be 175cr... 250 lifetime ... HIT

by Super-star (198k points)

Obviously. Critics will give it 1 or 1.5. 250cr lt is all I expect. Will be a good end to 2019 for HR


Yep, know all that is true but still got excited for this movie. Would wanna watch it as soon as possible when it releases...thats the frustrating thing with these type of movies.

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movie will show true potential of single day numbers.....with clash 42-43 & without clash 50cr....
this will be biggest 2 hero action movie since Mohra and Karan arjun.....

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

Rightly said. Waiting for 2nd Oct.

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My review on the teaser

The teaser is good which gives that Mission Impossible vibes. Looking at makes me think that the action choreographed is very well whilst it gives curiosity as to what Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan will bring to the table as far as character development goes. So their characterisation is something that I look forward to seeing in this film.

The scale and VFX looks good and much better than Sahoo so quite an effort that YRF team have made there. Bike sequences are good which why I said Mission Impossible in my first paragraph which gives me that vibes, you know.

Title is very good which means there will be a WAR between Tiger and Hrithik. Duggu is looking very dashing in this teaser like Dhoom 2 and I think he will overshadow Tiger Shroff in terms of acting. With all due respect, Tiger will excel in action scenes but I don't have faith that will he be able to give a decent performance although he could surprise the audiences in this film. I don't have anything against him but his acting so bland that's hard to digest him in a role that you give him.

Box Office

I think it will be common sense to lower expectations in terms of Box Office until the trailer comes then we can predict whatever the outcome will be. If the trailer is good then the film will take a massive opening with Hrithik & Tiger's stardom carrying it forward followed by its WOM. 250cr can give this film a Blockbuster which means Hrithik will have 6 whereas Tiger will have 2 BB.


Excellent teaser nonetheless

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)

Thats a very short review of a very long teaser



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boi to opening ka saara credit tiger ko hi dene vaala hai par

by Location Manager (6.3k points)
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Wow. Wow. This is so awesome. HR looks dashing. Huge opener for sure despite clash. Rest is all well it is made.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Congratulations YRF, can't even cut trailers now, there was literally no reason to show Tiger Shroff beating HR in most of the trailer, that's a no no.

Now coming to trailer, it's good but problem is that will it have story to back up the action, also War lol, should've chosen a better title.

Anyway, it should open big, rest depends on WOM.

by All Time best! (268k points)

Could be. Trailer will make things much more clear


From trailer it looks like hr is playing negetive character from his looks to overall sequence because everytime tiger is chasing hr.
So if beats villain;there is nothing wrong about it.
In dhoom 2 Abhishek beat HR which was fine...


It matters for audience, and HR was antagonist but was shown as hero, save with Aamir in Dhoom 3.

People will be rooting for HR, and Tiger gaining upper hand will not go down well with audience, you see our Indian mass audience is not at that stage to appreciate junior getting uppar hand on senior actor


Agree with TB, General audience will root for Hrithik so the battle in the teaser should have been equal at least
But I think there's more underneath, HR has the bigger Role

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Mind-blowing teaser. Both look fantastic and action seems to be next level. A sureshot 300 cr grosser. Hrithik and Tiger both are big action stars and will rock the movie. Can't wait now. Opening of 40+ cr is confirmed.

by Super-star (189k points)

40cr not possible with a clash, solo yes. With a clash 32-33cr. 300cr again depends on content. Just hope it isnt like Bang Bang.


I hope clash will be averted after seeing this teaser lol.

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Damn... Hrithik is looking so macho... His entry scene is enough to give goosebumps...
I just want this to be hgoty if not 300cr...want hrithik name to be on top this year...
And super30 will do 140-150cr and this one should do 250-300cr...400cr in single year.. Thats would be enough for strong comeback..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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Looks good. I'm not gonna predict record opening numbers right away, will wait for the trailer. It this ends up being a big hit I'll be very happy. I hope Marjaavan moves away as that movie has potential and this clash would kill that movie.

by Editor (81.9k points)
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Nothing impressive with a stupid tittle war.. i dnt understand y cant bollywood have ultra hd video clarity like Hollywood movie.. only Dhoom 3 sahoo krish3 n race 3 trailer was pretty close to hd ultra clarity.. this was more like tzh with shitty clarity

by Assistant Director (42.0k points)

Colour Gradient was done better and the colours were more saturated in #Sahoo Trailer.

WarTeaser is good but the colours in it does not look more saturated and colour gradient looks average.

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HR is the best looking man in Bollywood. All time best.

Just to see him on big screen, I'm in.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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Tending all over. 3 in Nepal. Hope this is not another Bang Bang and provides something new. Still doubtful about Siddhartha Aanand not mixing four Hollywood movies. If something fresh only, it has HGOTY written all over it, no doubt it will be a bumper opener.

by Camera Operator (12.0k points)
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This is huge now................ expectations skyhigh, the content needs to be atleast good for a huge collection, Hrithik Wow he is the only man i want to watch bollywood after Khans Retire.

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)
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Thumb ups: Tiger looked intense, Hrithik stylish as usual, Canvas, Locations, Budget, Chases

Thumb downs: Tiger shown more promissing than Hrithik, None of the action sequence looked jaw dropping, Why is Vaani????

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)
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It's like DHOOM version... One hero vs one villain.... But action is world class... After success of SUPER 30... WAR will be another must needed Hit movie for HR.

by Editor (84.9k points)

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