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2007 -

India out of the worldcup in group stage

2011 -

India won the world cup.

2015 -

England out of the world cup in group stage.

2019 -

England won the world cup

1983 -

Australia out of the Worldcup in group stage

1987 -

Australia won the worldcup

1979 -

India out of the worldcup in group stage

1983 -

India won the worldcup.

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Pakistan (87) lost SF and won in 92, India set to emulate the same

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In that way..... among West Indies, PAKISTAN, Srilanka', Bangladesh, Afghanistan, South Africa..... 1 shud lift the 2023 World Cup

Btw gud coincidence

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Good post. By that logic South Africa or West Indies should be the ones to lift it in 2023.

by Mega Star (226k points)

I Think South Africa Chances More If This Coincidence Continuously In 2023 Also....... I Don't Think Pakistan And Wi Win It.

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2011 winners - India
2015 winners - Australia
2019 winners - England

2023 winners - India..... will boss the whole tournament undefeated then will collapse in the all important semifinal.
2023 winners - England

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