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  1. Australia 7
  2. West Indies, India 5
  3. Pakistan, Srilanka 3
  4. England 2
  5. New Zealand, South Africa 1


  • Only These 8 Teams Have Won ICC Trophies
  • West Indies Is Only Non Asian Team To Win All 3 ICC Trophies
  • New Zealand And South Africa Haven't Won A World Cup
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Hope India wins both the forthcoming t20 and ODI wc to match Aus in the numbers how lesser it might be

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If India Wins T20 WCs In 2020, 2021
And Test Championship 2019-2021 India Will Surpass Australia
But Its Going To Be Tough!

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Look at the dominance of Australia especially with 5 World Cups In ODI format. Hope India can make it 6 by winning next T2O WC.

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