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Super 30 Friday vs Saturday at Top chains (approx figures) :-

PVR : ₹2.63cr vs ₹4.01cr

INOX : ₹1.97cr vs ₹3.21cr

Cinepolis : ₹1.22cr vs ₹1.75cr (revised) 

Carnival : ₹0.82cr vs ₹1.36cr

Rajhans : ₹10.25 Lac vs ₹17.30 Lac

Total: ₹6.742cr vs ₹10.503cr (55.8% Growth)


Source Link: @himeshmankand & @krkboxoffice
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I love it now. If it becomes a hit, it will add some power to HR, and will help HR-Tiger movie by a bit too.

I am sure that the film will now at least be a semihit. So happy, celebrating....

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Super 30 was never going to be a huge box office success, all I wanted was some goodwill for HR after his recent fiascos. That job has been done. Now HVT will put him back in familiar territory.

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