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in Community Reviews Thread by Mega Star (226k points)

What a movie. Proud to be an HR fan. What an actor. The movie has surprised me.

Rating: 3.5/5

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I saw super30 movie last night show .

One word review : SPEECHLESS

One of the best movie of this decade.

First Half : 5/5
2nd Half : 4/5

Overall : 9/10

Positive point in movie : Hrithik one of the best performance (100/100) and inspirational story ,
best climax

you relate your life story with this movie.

Negative : In 2nd half some scene look unreal

Box office : Maybe this movie will cross 200 Cr +.

by Location Manager (7.6k points)

One section of Critic gave 2.5 /2 * because of unrealistic of movie (you can't relate in general life) in 2nd half . But it will not affect to me or audience.


I am going for it today. Seems like something to cheer for HR fans

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Definitely Not a Movie Review:-

Watched movie today with housefull afternoon show.
People were damn happy and emotional after watching movie and Everyone was discussing HR acting and theme of movie.
Overall Really happy to see public reaction.
For Me;It's a complete winner.Although Movie doesn't look too realistic but definitely very entertaining and emotional..
HR did fab job.Speechless.Award winning Performance.

by Director (131k points)
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A beautiful story of dreams, aspirations and hopes, and an important film for content and cinema of realism, covers a important tragedy,the simplicity that the film possesses in its first half fades with the commencement of the second half where the story falls apart like a house of cards.
It became very unrealistic & superficial.
the writing became shabbier by the scene and screenplay lost its grip.
It has one of the best 1st half of this year followed by a decent 2nd half.

Hrithik delivered a very sincere performance and gave his everything to this role. supporting cast was decent

the direction for the first half was flawless but same can't be said for the second half.

the songs were a downer. but the background score was very powerful

Emotional tears welled up my eyes and lumps in my throat at so many moments, it could have been a Excellent movie if not for the 2nd half but overall a Good Engrossing movie nonetheless.

Ratings 3/5

Hrithik deserves a special mention he's one of the best Actor Indian cinema has currently, I was pleasantly surprised with his acting in emotional breakdowns, He's so underrated.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)

Background music was a big minus for me man. What was the need to be so over the top with that jarring music in the background?


Commercial Trapping

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