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Most ICC Trophies

Australia 7

India/West Indies 5

Pakistan/Srilanka 3

England/New Zealand/South Africa 1

Either England Or New Zealand Will Get Their 2nd ICC Trophy And 1st ODI World Cup

Note- Only India West Indies Pakistan And Srilanka Have Won All ICC Trophies

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Hope New Zealand Wins, They Are Gentleman And Their Current Or Ex Players Haven't Shown Any Arrogance!

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I want Kane Williamson to lift the Cup. A true gentlemen he is

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Very disappointing world cup to he honest .... I thought after all that evolution ... Teams will score 400 and get chased .... Very weird tournament ...
Games washing out ...
No quarter finals....
Luck taking new Zealand to final ...
Low scoring games ...
Lowest number of teams chasing winners ....

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I had said it before the start of the Cup. England will smash everyone. And they did. Both India and Australia were convincingly beaten by their opponents.

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We Need IPL Kind Of Playoffs Its Unfair For Top 2 Teams To Be Out Just After 1 Bad Game, Whats The Use Of Being In Top 4 If You Don't Get Extra Advantage!


When teams play each and every team in group stage than what is the requirement of playoffs. Team which top of the table is a winner of the tournament. That's it.

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Chokers vs Chokers
Kahi Draw mt ho jaye :D

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India have been chocking too lately.


But INDIA has won WC twice.

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Great for both the teams and they're deserving as well. Hope NZ wins it but England looks to be better team.

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What about India's win in 1985 World Championship of Cricket?

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That Was Australian Tournament Not ICC (It Was Organized By Australia) Though All 7 Test Playing Teams Participated In That!


Thanks,I didn't read fully about the tournament

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I had high hopes on India or Australia winning it. No more interested in Sunday's match. Too bad for India not reaching finals after being 1st in the leaderboard for so long.

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They were never on to position for so long, they got to top only because SA beat Australia and let's be honest, both India & Australia were not good enough teams.


It's the conditions which were in favor of NZ which helped Henry, Boult and won the match for the. The match should have been ended on the day 1 itself.


On day 1, I was feeling India was a sureshot winner. In a way, it's bad luck for India. The rain wasn't lucky...

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