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Most Runs- Sachin
Most Centuries- Rohit/Sachin
Most Half Centuries- Sachin
Most 50 Plus- Sachin

Single Edition

Most Runs- Sachin
Most Centuries- Rohit
Most Half Centuries- Sachin
Most 50 Plus- Shakib/Sachin

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Sachin is great legend...
Not comparable in today's cricketer

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Australia have 5 world cups. Beat that. These individual world cup records will only leave a sour taste in the mouth now when we have lost the chance this time too

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Australia Is GOAT In Cricket By A Distance

Sad But True

Hope NZ Or ENG Win This Time For A Change!


Australia culture is such. Removed Waugh and got Ponting. Removed Ponting and got Clarke. Clarke went, Smith went and now Finch is here.

Unki system men sirf result matter karta hai. Player nahi. England will win the Cup 100%. Belongs to them


Hmm True.

Want England Or NZ To Win!

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Rohit Declare 4 Times Man Of The Match Out Of 8 Group Stage Matches. India Won Only 3 Matches When Man Of The Match Not Belongs To Him. So If He Not Played Well Than India Getting Only 7 Points And Out Of The World cup. Salute You Rohit.

Rohit Making 3 Consecutive Centuries And After That One Bad Day Whole Team Surrender. Than How We Expect This Pathetic Team To Win Cup.

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