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103 Matches
7200+ Runs
Average 42
Strike Rate 60
50s 37
100s 15
200s 3
300s 2


297 Matches
10300+ Runs
Average 38
Strike Rate 87
50s 53
100s 25
200s 1


58 Matches
1600+ Runs
Average 33
Strike Rate 143
50s 13
100s 2

Apart From 19000+ Runs He Also Has 250+ Wickets And A Record 500+ Sixes In His International Career.

He Is The 3rd Highest Run Scorer For West Indies In International Cricket

He Also Has Scored Most Runs, Most Centuries In T20 Leagues And Is Greatest Bastman In T20 Leagues.

Overall He Has Been A Rare Cricketer To Have A Very Successful Career In All 3 Formats.

A True Blue Legend And Great Entertainer!

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Gayle is for T20 (both format) what Sir Vib Richards was for ODIs. It wasn't just their records or abilities that sets then apart, it was the fear they used to put in bowlers mind that defines them alongside their records and abilities offcourse.

And as you can see, he was no slouch in other formats too, specially tests, despite being what people call mindless attacking batsman, he had 2 triple tons, which hasn't been achieved by some many ask time greats too, and actually had better record in Tests than ODI.

What a legend and incredible entertainer. Also as he's not yet retiring from ODIs & T20s, he's going to beat Lara's record for most ODI runs for WI and hope to see some more sixes from him.

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Hmm Hope West Indies Board Doesn't Play Any Politics
Its Bcz Of Them That Gayle's International Career Suffered In Last Few Years Or Else His Stats Would Have Been Even Better.

They Want To Safeguard Lara's Record But They Need To Realize That Even If Chandrapaul Would Have Broken His Test Record Or Gayle Breaks His ODI Record He Would Still Remain The Greatest Batsman Of West Indies Cricket!


@Rancho windies cricket board never supportive to lara...otherwise he was sitting on top of the cricketing world....because of board lara forced to take retirement very early.....and gayle just need 12 runs to be leading scorer from wi he could have achieve this against afganistan..then how u says that board is safeguard for Lara

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True entertainer. Cricket will miss him. Sports will miss him. He was just awsum. He looked so elegant after playing a six, loved his aura. A smiling face, a blaster who surprisingly has two 300s in Test, was fit for every format. We will miss you Christopher Henry Gayle (bow)

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An underrated batsman, with very solid records in all formats of the game. I feel WICB did not handle him well at all or else his test career would have been even better than what his stats show. At his best, he's the most destructive player of his generation.

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Thank you for what ? He has consumed hours of our time which channels use it to spread capitalist propaganda who in return sponsors the cricket board and players ..why the fcuk is this Kamala pasand trying to feed us Cancerous Gutkha while singing patriotic jingles like..ek aur baar..lehrayenge jhanda ek aur baar ?

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gayle dhoni and afridi , most overrated players i have seen in cricket

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creepy......afridi has won many matches for pakistan.....his 35 in 18 ball in winning cause is better than scoring 75 in 100 that stop winning the game...for statistic lover or critics he may not be better player but he was big asset for team and his country....especially in odi and t20....because he was not only good pinch hitter but also very good bowler...same for M.S.


yaa sure performing once in a blue moon


Aftidi isn't artist...he is a warrior. A gladiator. Nobody wants art in cricket...everybody wants to win and general people want entertainment...and afridi provided them successfully...that's why he is greatest match winner of his country. Most man of the match in both ODI and t20. And one of most popular cricketer in the world..all successful people has lots of haters. We get it.


@creepy in my lifetime i saw Pakistan winning one world cup and that's t20 world cup. And afridi is the man of match in both semi final and final.
He was the man of the tournament in previous t20 world cup also where Pakistan just lost world cup due to misbahs childish mistakes..if afridi was there Pakistan would have won two consecutive world cup...what can u ask more???? And don't prove yourself cricket pundit...pseudo intellectual...bash afirdi, call him slogger and become a cricket pundit...that doesn't work anymore. Grow up...

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