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Kabir Singh v Bharat All India Comparison - BOI

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Kabir Singh v Bharat All India Comparison
Wednesday 03 July 2019 15.00 IST
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Kabir Singh has caught the business of Bharat in just twelve days. The three week numbers of Bharat and the twelve day number of Kabir Singh are almost similar. The biggest difference is Mumbai circuit where Kabir Singh is way ahead in just 12 days. Kabir Singh will do around 25-30 crore nett more than Bharat in just Mumbai circuit. 



Below are the all India twelve day numbers of Kabir Singh compared to the three week numbers of Bharat,




Bharat - 53,87,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 64,75,00,000


Delhi / UP

Bharat - 45,72,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 43,75,00,000


East Punjab

Bharat - 17,15,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 17,20,00,000



Bharat - 11,08,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 10,96,00,000


CP Berar

Bharat - 10,47,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 11,59,00,000



Bharat - 7,44,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 8,31,00,000


Nizam / Andhra 

Bharat - 11,93,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 8,60,00,000



Bharat - 9,76,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 7,85,00,000


Tamil Nadu / Kerala

Bharat - 2,97,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 2,25,00,000


West Bengal 

Bharat - 9,54,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 8,69,00,000



Bharat - 6,79,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 6,18,00,000



Bharat - 2,62,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 2,95,00,000



Bharat - 2,83,00,000 

Kabir Singh  - 2,82,00,000




Bharat - 1,96,73,00,000 (23 days)

Kabir Singh  - 1,95,80,00,000 (12 days)

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7 Answers

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Best answer

Bigger news is that Bharat has been updated again and the current collections are 196crs (198crs earlier). (Before that it was updated to 168cr from 172cr)
So it should end all hopes of 200cr.

KabirSingh is Far better movie, great to see a medium budget movie performing like this on Nonholiday.
Bharat was outrightly rejected by the youth which section has Patrionized KS big time.
First A certified movie to cross 200cr maybe 300cr Who knows

by Executive Producer (66.4k points)
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+5 votes

another eid wasted, three in a row. should be declared semi hit. the beginning of the end for sallu as next eid it will become 4 in a row

harsh truth

by Assistant Director (42.7k points)
+2 votes

The golden period of salman seems to have come to an end..
Incredible boxoffice run post dabang for salman..
Such domination is very difficult in bollywood and that too in this decade where social media negativity was affecting movies..
For the first time in decade salman loosing to small stars like shahid, vicky.. Very big change is bollywood..

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
0 votes

New best date to release a movie .... 2 weeks after salman Khan's eid release

by Super-star (198k points)
0 votes

Audience response is the king ultimately. Strange times these. The senior lot is facing backlash and the younger lot is getting away easily.

by Mega Star (225k points)
0 votes

There is One Common Thing both are The REMAKE of BLOCKBUSTER Movie...

by Casting Director (17.6k points)
0 votes

Bharat will end up with 190 crores after deductions in next updates

by Producer (113k points)

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