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The are people who voted for last option lol (giggle) (giggle)


One of them must be Charlie.

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Bhumrah by a country mile. Second choice would be starc. Overall Malinga in his prime was a nightmare to face

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Bumra is probably best of all time .... In that category.
Umar gul in his peak could rival him .... Death overs .... These two .... Are\were class apart ...

I think Umar Gul still has the best spell in t 20 .... Unimaginable ... 5 for 6 ... That too twice ....

by Super-star (198k points)
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currently Bumrah....overall malinga from should 5 runs insteadof 10 runs.....10 runs can defend by all above bowler

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)
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Bumrah for now.. he us just outstanding while Starc also is close on the heel..

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Bumrah & Bhuvan..............

by Producer (107k points)

Well Bhuvan was an All All Rounder. He could bat, bowl, field, keep, umpire, scorer, refree, groundstaff, ball boy, security, commentator, cameraman & audience also.

He's so talented, he's also a part-time actor working in Bollywood under the name of Aamir Khan.


Cause he's talking about Bhuvan from Lagaan.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha legendary bro



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