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IS Salman Khan really Balancing out his upcoming lineup keeping an eye on his Age, My Views on his upcoming Lineup

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Bhai is wasting his potential by doing wrong films ,or is it good that he is balancing? Bharat with Dabangg 3. Inshallah then Tiger 3?Hmmm...Both. Let me explain. Since he can't do action forever (till 60 max) so, may be he is trying to prolong his career as a leading man. KHANs are unlikely to go Big B way. An action movie followed by a drama/comedy (& repeat) would be a good combo for SK.

But he is wasting his stardom big time post Sultan (TZH was exception) by working choosing mediocre scripts/working with below par people. Action/Masala zone is his forte but the last true masala entertainer was Kick, way back in 2014.

The masses are thirsty for a pure masala entertainer from SalmanKhan esp on Eid. He should do a good entertaining masala movie soon before the masses move on to someone else. Race 3 was a Sin. Furthermore, the non-masala/non-action genre scripts which he is choosing are either very poor or have limited appeal. Tubelight was a remake of a flop movie & if you watch the movie, you'll come to know that the decision of adopting is was idiotic. Bharat was also a below-par movie, though the original is a very good movie (but slow) as well as the efforts of aliabbaszafar were visible, but it was out of his comfort zone and the decision to adopt it as a SalmanKhan masala entertainer, instead of an emotional drama back-fired. OTMF had the potential to be another BB. aliabbaszafar treatment resulted in a fuss & the movie was rejected esp by youth (as it didn't appeal to them). Inshallah might turn out to be a good movie but love stories have upper limit at BO. Also, Inshallah is a story-driven movie, not a character driven (like KabirSingh). SalmanKhan has ignored Comedy genre .

He should prefer that genre over bore-fests like TL or Bharat. SalmanKhan should stop working with his jobless siblings & people dependent on him. Veteran is an average movie & shouldn't be adopted unless R Shetty comes on board. Arbu damaged the Legendary status of ChulbulPandey in D2 (coz of his poor direction) & lets hope they don't go the same way in Dabangg3. SalmanKhan should come out of this "Family" theme & do movies on Universal themes. This is 2019. Youth want KabirSingh, not Bharat.

Since Kick 2 isn't coming before 2021/2022 (likely), all my hopes are pinned on Tiger3 & Rohit Shetty movie (hopefully).
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The only way salman khan can reach his potential is if he makes ambitious movies ....the ones that can represent Bollywood to rest of the world ....


money matters.
instead of wasting time on big action movies, he decided to do a drama and a cheap dabangg kind of movie. 400cr from big boss and atleast 200cr from dus ka dum.
Sallu did tubelight and race 3 for the sake of money, taking audience for granted. they sold the movie on mg. race 3 was made just to have a eid release. even in bharat it was all about money. the original movie was a huge hit so they played safe. this decade only 2 times he did not play safe, bb and sultan. he is not going to learn as long as his movies will earn, which means never as nowadays nearly all movies are safe due to huge recoveries from other sources. even toh recovered its huge budget. so just pray for a fluke or two to come your way.
I know one should earn money but at the same time one should be honest to his work and fans in this case.


Sticking to one image is doom. Salman Khan realised it very early. The only thing he is managing is the larger than life characters/treatment as Tubelight opened his eyes on how exactly audience want to see him.

His way of signing the films have been pretty clear. 2010 - 2014, he let the makers encash on his giant megastardom & also did movies with his family+friends. The result was Ready, Bodyguard, Dabangg 2, Jai Ho & Kick. Not keeping ETT in the same list only because YRF milked his stardom & even he got to work with the biggest production house.

Come 2015, Bajrangi Bhaijaan changed all the equation. Salman Khan films weren't just entertainers anymore. That gave him courage to sign on a Rajshri film which was an attempt to bring back their old glory. And the bigger courage in challenging himself with Sultan the next year. It was clear, he just didn't wanted to hold onto action image only. The hard earned megastardom can't survive only with one image. Bajrangi Bhaijaan proved that to him.

This is what led to him try out Tubelight. The same mistakes as in PRDP continued. Rather than sticking to their instinct, Salman forced the makers to repeat their previous narration as it is. While PRDP aped HAHK & HSSH, Tubelight tried miserably to ape Bajrangi Bhaijaan. While this superstition worked for Dabangg 2 with PRDP just about getting saved, Tubelight paid the heavy price.

And we know this led to him signing wipes tears Race 3, where he solely signed it for fans & in the meantime renew few actors career. The incompetent director, half baked script & incapability to handle a huge megastar + ofcourse Megastar's lesser confidence in risking his on screen image of a good guy resulted in a masterpiece. Again skipping TZH because it posed zero challenge for Salman & it was pretty easy for him to score at the box office with it. Bharat atleast thankful he tried. With the current nation's scenario, they dared to be honest to their source material & screenplay. In a way coming after a masterpiece like Race 3, glad he did Bharat. The over use of humor played spoilsport but then the script in hand demanded that.

Good that he is breaking the shackle with Inshallah. And he has balanced it excellently by placing Dabangg 3 in between his two EID biggies. They will get the Salman they demand to see this Christmas. That'll help him open up for one genre he hasn't fully tried for an entire decade. Then he will follow it up with another entertainer. With his current phase, this is the only for him to choose films. There is no competition among seniors anymore. It is with the juniors. The generations will come into play. Afterall it's just wait & see game.

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Salman khan is just spraying everywhere .... Some of it will land on the target .... majority won't .... ... He won't have flops .... For another decade .... Because of opening and before release recovery of investment. But all of his remaining movies are repeat of tubelights race3s bharats and in-between there will be an occasional tiger zinda hai ...

Im certain his career from his late 60s to early 70s will be like sunny deol's from past 10 years .... He won't stop making over the top hero worship movies .... Untill then .... He's gonna try and make as much money as possible and keep giving big openers ... And stay the number 1 star ... For next 10 years .... and quality of his films will stay as they are now ... Or have been ... Throughout this decade ...

Reason why he doesn't work with bigger directors is because they take bigger paycheck ... So he groomed Kabir khan .... And ali abbas zafar ... When they were nothing ... Same goes for bhansali or barjatiya(although they both learnt together) ...

The reason why he doesn't work with bigger starcast is again because they take bigger check ... This point obviously doesn't need to be further explained

It's money money and just money .... Because he has to run his NGO ...

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I can't see any Tubelight or Race 3 in his upcoming movie list.

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I hope there isn't ... I hope they're all blockbusters and all time blockbusters .... But once tubelight itself was supposed to be bajrangi bhaijaan.... Which sent shockwaves everywhere .... And race 3 was supposed to be the redemption from tubelights debacle ...

Point is .... Salman khan is an Enigma .... So you can't be sure of what you see ....

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Youth today wants ganjedi nashedi like Kabir Singh

The college going students want abuses addiction kissing scenes which Salman won't ever do. He should make good movies and he shall not see a flop for next at least 6 years.

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KabirSingh as character not Bharat that's what I meant

KabirSingh had nothing in favour but it's Character did the trick, moving over Kissing and abuses it had heart at the right place, I don't want Salman to do kissing/abuses but a charismatic role like Kabir/Radhey/Tiger/Devil

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Salman Khan Golden Run Ended After SULTAN (2016)
He can Give still Some Big Hits but again those where Franchise or Sequels...ab 2010-2012 ke trah nahi hai kii Koi Bhi Movie krr diya aur Blockbuster ho gyi...
SRK is Gone,, Aamir Not Doing Many movie,,Ajay & Akshay Hits doesn't Matter much bcoz all are small Grossers ...Salman Will finish between 2022-2024 his age will also affect his stardom.
If You well Check 200cr+ Grossers Since BAHUABALI 2 ...then Mostly belong to New Actors ....

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