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Kabir Singh has emerged the second blockbuster of the year as the film has a huge Monday. The film is looking to collect around 17 crore nett on Monday and this number could be higher when figures from mass centers come in.



The Monday collections are the highest ever when ticket pricing is left at normal levels. The previous best was Sultan which had done around 15 crore nett on Monday. Its just an insane hold with collections dropping just 15% or maybe even less from Friday and that Friday was at 20 crore nett levels. The film is trending better than the smaller content films which open in the 3-5 crore nett ranges.



Kabir Singh will probably challenge Uri - The Surgical Strike as the biggest HIT of the year. The trend is not as strong as that film as Uri - The Surgical Strike showed a big jump on Monday. But the advantage with Kabir Singh is a huge first week to collect a big share and also better business in single screens where the share is better. The Kabir Singh four day business will be around 88 crore nett and it will hit a century in just five days. 


Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5146
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Akshay Kumar's highest non holiday opening day - 16cr.

Abd Shahid Kapoor film's Monday - 17cr.(rofl)(rofl)


3rd Blockbuster for Shahid
2nd 200cr
2nd 1.5cr plus ff
Monumental Success
If he doesn't exploit such SUCCESS no one is bigger fool than him.
Bring 2-3 mass action films nd see the STARDOM reaching sky nd finish these PR newbies.


Arjun Reddy MASS
The WOM is extremely positive amongst the real theatre going audience. Up there with Uri

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this makes me so happy, just because it shows that anything can happen in Bollywood. before release I thought it will make around 70cr, but it's blowing past 100cr in 5 days.

congrats to Shahid and his fans.

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Some one go and get shahid Kapoor and shajandeepu a cold lemonade . This might just be too overwhelming for them both .... And I doubt if they can handle it ....
This will cross Dhoom 3 and may be Padmavati as well .

The amount of Goodwill Shahid Kapoor is going to earn from this .... Is monumental... .
If he doesn't take advantage of this ... He should be punished real good.

Salman khan earned this kinda Goodwill from Dabangg and bajrangi bhaijaan...
And look how it effected his mediocre next Movies ready and prem ratan dhan payo ....

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Now as you have said it... it wont cross any of the said movie


Hahaha I think there is a loophole in my superpower ..... If I believe it .... It doesn't happen .


@grandnova oh bro u just said it. I really cant take all these.. im literally shaking and going nuts. Its all like a dream.. really want Shahid now to capitalize on this huge success..

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It deserves EID release.


are chachu (highfive)



Canadian Ko Yeh Bhi ... Diya


Should they take it down Tommorrow and release on 2020 Eid ?


Shahid should release his next film on EID

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ce and kick are not safe and same is the case with srk and salman

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Wow. That's huge. 200cr will be done now and who knows....if it can get to 250cr or beyond too? What is happening in Bollywood? (wasntme)

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Also this is an A rated movie.

Shahid Kapoor is the next superstar. Agree?
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Shahrukh should now chase Shahid Kapoor lol........

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Shahrukh is semi retired

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Shahid Kapoor Blockbusters;
Kabir Singh.

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Jab We met ran for 9 weeks .... It was huge on WOM ... although not as big as vivaah .... That movie ran like modern day HAHK
I think vivaah 1st day was in LAKHS ....Weekend around 3cr and lifetime 30cr .....range ... That multiple is unprecedented for modern day movies


Lovely movie . Shahid was Prem.

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That's top gear (y)

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This movie is become sholay for youth.. Most of frnds are using theatre screen shot of kabir singh as whtsapp status....Dnt be surprised even cross 300cr if it has repeat value...

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