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Salman was going through worst phase, but wanted gave him a new image.

Aamir also came back with ghajini.

Akki with rowdy rathore gave his career best.

Ajay with singham.

Only srk and hrithik didnt do a remake. Should they?
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Not an official one but almost scene to scene copy of Kannada film Chigurida Kanasu.


Bang bang was a remake of a hwood film ..kmg? No..
I was talking about south films..


Lol... Chameleonism!! Ur headline clearly says about 'remakes'. From where does south, north, Hollywood and blah blah blah come now??


Dude when i took salman, aamir, akki name then i was particular about south remakes..
Y dont u accept that those movies i mentioned were turning points of their career... I

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Wanted wasn't Salman's 1st remake Partner, Tere naam, Kyunki, Hdjpk, Judwaa and many more are there
Srk has also done numerous remakes, be it Ajay, Aamir or Akki all have done remakes. Actually Akki has most number of remakes.
There's nothing wrong if it's a honest remake of a great movie.
I will always choose BB, HP, Tere naam, Kyunki, Drishyam etc over most of their original movies.
Tere naam was the movie which made me Salman fan while I liked him since judwaa and HR since Kaho naa pyaar hai.

It's all about a well received movie and how you capitalise on it, remake or original doesn't matter.
Salman, Aamir & HR became stars with their Debut movies and they were original and Darr which created a new Star Srk was a remake.

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it depend when you have remade movies....before 2007-2008 bollywood itself made good entertaining movies...all top star used to do 95% commercial/universal appeal movies that caters wider audiences....so people didnt care about south remake much...this numbers has dried post 2007...today there are hardly 5-6 movies that caters wider audiences...remaining are small budget like badla, razi, badhai ho etc which works only 5-6 cities...this help those handful commercial movies to score big because people starves for entertainment, despite bad quality...Salman is the only actor who works only big budget commercial movie that cater wider audiences.....total dhamal, golmal 4, baagi3, ra1, ready would have not have huge business in 90s or 00 because there was an option...there is no difference between dabaang and garve, ready and msk but in later case people have had an option that is why they couldn't succeed big.....in 2007 itself within span of 6 month there were 10 big commertial released ...fanaa, LRMB, PHP, KANK, krish, don, dhoom3, bhagambhag, jan-e-man etc....aaj ek badi movie eid ko to second big movie on diwali 3rd on xmas...there may be few medium budget movies like total dhamal etc release here and there


Yes, many actors have done remakes but if you notice their career turnaround films then remake films were the one which helped salman, akki, ajay,aamir also.. Aamir was doing multiplex films till ghajini but after ghajini he made impact on single screens too.. Ghajini, wanted, rowdy rathore, singham these four films changed their lives..

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Lol, look at the ridiculous fighting going on here.

And people don't care whether it's a remake or whatever, they went to watch movie because they found trailer great, subject appealing & songs good, and from there on, WOM took over, remake or not didn't matter.

Now coming to your question, the fact that South makes better movies then Bollywood in many instances is a benefit no doubt, but then it's not about remake, it's about you remaking a good & successful movie.

So it comes down on quality, you remake a bad movie and see it crashing, and even times when you remake a good movie and results are bad, so it's about quality.

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But outside every 1 saying that bwood chooses powerful roles and movies from south and remake as bwood is not capable of powerful story telling


South remakes among themselves as well, any decent movie is dubbed by all South Indian industries and don't take all 4 industries as 1.

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What were Swades,Billu and Paheli?

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But srk was at his peak at that time when he did those films u mentioned

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Aamir Before Ghajini

Rang De Basanti Hit (Around 1.5 cr footfalls)
Fanaa Super Hit
Taare Zameen Par Super Hit

Aamir Had Top 3 Opening In The Industry After Fanaa And Was Called Biggest Star By BOI During That Time

Even If Ghajini Wasnt There Aamir Would Have Given 1st 100 And 200 Crs Grosser With 3 Idiots As He Already Started Working In That Film Before Ghajini Released

Moreover Ghajini Remains Only Remake To Become A Industry Hit/All Time Grosser

Hrithik Also Has Done Remake

As Far As Shahrukh Is Concerned He Has Done Many Remakes Including Official As Well As Unofficial Onces Indian Films As Well As Non Indian Film Remakes But Mostly His Remakes Hasnt Done Well At Box Office!

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Rancho without remake srk's career was also going great....he has done those remake for pleasures not to recurrence his career...because Big and Dilip kumar has done those..


Rancho bhai if u notice things changed for aamir after ghajini only... Yes he was giving great films no doubt but after ghajini aamirs image changed and he was considered boxoffice ruler

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So u are compairing Shahid Kapoor with Salman Aamir Akshay and Ajay really , stardom is not just a single factor in boxoffice numbers I told it many times the boxoffice nos are the combination of different factors from the genre of the film to music to promotion controversy release date and stardom,the guys you mention are here for 30 years and they saw all this ups and downs many times but they survive because of their talent hardwork and loyal fan following whatever be the boxoffice numbers salman Aamir srk and Akshay are the top 4 stars in terms of popularity and fan following followed by hritik and Ajay .

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Edited bro,I know it's Aamir par jaldi type krne me ho gya


Its Ok Bro (y)


I am not comparing shahid with sallu, aamir.. But wanted, ghajini, rowdy, singham have been turning points in their career..
Hrithik has better fan following than akki and ajay and even salman till dabaang...
Hrithik never gave dismal disaster movies like akki ajay and salman in any phase.. Like having 2 lakh, 10 lakh footfalls.. Its just that he is not doing enough movies.. If he does then it will be a different game..


Hrithik's career is his own self created foolishness. The bloke has amazing talent and he wastes it sitting home.

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One Movie Never Decide Stardom. Stardom Or Big Star Always Means Good Opening Continuous. Because One Or Two Tukka Lagta Rahta Hai.

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This won't make shahid superstar but will give a big push to his career... Next film will be awaited if he follows the same route..

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That is a ridiculous thing to say. One movie will not make Shahid a superstar mate. If Salman made a huge comeback with a South remake he did so because he gave his fans what they wanted from him. Likes of Aamir, Salman, Akshay and Ajay have done well over a long period of time. Its SRK's and HR's problem they did not do a south movie, nobody stopped them.

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This won't make shahid superstar but will give a big push to his career... Next film will be awaited if he follows the same route..

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Aamir had Taare Zameen Par before Ghajini, with clash it did more than many big commercial films and Before TZP he had Fanaa.....

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Remove Amir from the list and even Akki....he was going grea without RR..Add shahid R. Rajkumar also was remake

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Omg was released after Rowdy rathore and if opening is a criteria then Prdp, Jai ho, Bharat weren't underperformer because all opened huge.
And I think there's 4 years between 2008-2012 in which Akki delivered only one hit out of 12 movies...
After Rowdy Boss, Holiday, Gabbar, Brothers all were remakes and first 3 are from South.
And where did you see a South movie like Ett which I haven't seen despite being a South Indian as a movie like ett would have been a disaster here.
Here action needs to be massy


maybe omg released after RR but it was under production before RR released..and here nobody said salman is down after jai o, bharat etc...same as akki was good position in 2008-2012 maybe he was not in same level of what salman is today...


Movie release hone se pehle se superhit tha kya?
Jo movie future mein superhit hoga woh current standing ko kaise affect karti hai?


nah...it was general released of akshay starer. Akshay current standing was not much made any impact after RR released...because he was already in good position after housefull 2 released ...RR has just given him little push up...without RR released OMG wuld have opened similar. its wom and content that mad movie hit...anyway leave it

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agree sallu was a nobody before wanted

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