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Kabir Singh excellent did excellent business on Saturday as it collected around 22.25 crore nett to take its two day total to 42.25 crore nett. The growth is 10% on Saturday and considering the first day was so strong this is very good. The cricked match on Saturday did not affect business much and thsi was the case with all the films.



The film has shown strong growth in Mumbai of around 20% with even Gujarat growing growing welll on Saturday. Circuits like CP Berar and CI have managed to show little gains and considering how well they opened this is a sign that the film is going to be a huge success.



The only places where the business is on the weaker side is the cities of Punjab like Ludhiana and Jalandhar as the Punjabi film Shadaa has affected it. The circuit of East Punjab is strong as the centres of Haryana do huge business. The business of Kabir Singh till date is as follows.



Friday - 20,00,00,000 apprx



Saturday - 22,25,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 42,25,00,000 apprx



The film should do very well on Sunday as mass centres are strong for the film. The business in the first two days have ensured a HIT film and now its about how big of a hit this film can become

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5138
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Growth on 2nd day even after scoring on Day 1. The WOM is very good I guess. Now weekend will be 66-67 cr easily. Finally Shahid getting much needed hit. He deserves this success.

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For Bharat not so good performance, Cricket was the reason acc to BOI but after seeing Kabir's performance i don't know what boi has to say...

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Critics are being unnecessarily harsh on Kabir Singh . Overall it is a decent film . I have seen it .

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Hadn't u seen Arjun Reddy before despite being from Telangana?


Sad fact - I don't understand Telugu . That's is main reason I don't follow Tollywood and I don't see dub films of any language.. One day I will learn telugu ..inshaAllah .(y)


budhe koyal se boli ki ummid rakhna bekar hai..(rofl)

Waise janab, old account se kyu nhi aa rahe? I guess password wagerah ka matter Zin sahab thik kar denge.


Haan thoda mushkil hai bolna , meri zabaan phirti nahin paragu varagu yevadu ..magr atleast samajh aajaye toh kaafi hai:D


Mujhe old account ke privelages nahin chahiye issi liye naya account banaya hai(smoking)


I learned Telugu by forcefully watching Tollywood movies specially Raviteja movies in buses which i used to travel ...


Help ..I dislike that dude due to his huge moustache .(talk)

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Going for it today. Hope I enjoy it.

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