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Kabir Singh Marches On - BOI

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Kabir Singh marches on with second day collections in the 21-22 crore nett range. The growth is not huge but that is fine as occupancy was pretty big on the first day in mass centres so films that do well on day one are not going to show big growth on Saturday. Actually this is the trend that more films in the industry should be aiming for rather than that pick up on Saturday. A strong initial and then a hold gives more chances of a big HIT.



There was a World Cup match for India on Saturday but that has not really affected collections as the holdover releases are showing a regular Saturday trend. Kabir Singh has collections of 41-42 crore nett in two days and should show solid growth on Sunday. The film may not be for families but the mass audience will be out in numbers on Sunday.



There are chances that the film will become the highest Shahid Kapoor solo grosser in just three days. The original Telugu film had a GROSS of 49 crore for lifetime business and Kabir Singh has crossed that in just two days.


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pseudo feminists n liberals be like

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Great, very great for Shahid.
Thinking to whom will experts give credit to.

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25cr or more today will happen. What a weekend for Shahid this.

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