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Kabir Singh Scores Big On Day One

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Kabir Singh collected a huge 20 crore nett apprx on day with excellent numbers across the board. It is the third highest opening day of the year after Bharat and Kesari but both those films were on holidays or part holidays. Kabir Singh also had normal ticket pricing compared to other films which means its footfalls on day one are higher than the likes of Kesari, Simmba or Kalank.



The film has put up strong numbers all over with Mumbai doing around 6 crore nett and Delhi / UP around 4 crore nett. It is basically double the collections of the highest solo Shahid Kapoor non holiday opener which was R... Rajkumar. The first day business alone ensures the film is going to be a huge success and time will tell where the film eventually goes.



There is a world cup cricket match involving India on Saturday but it is not high profile and it remains to be seen if it affects the film. It will be a minimal affect if there is any. The growth can also be limited as the film did strong occupancy on day one and the growth can only really come in the metros as A and B centers have recorded big numbers on day one which are unlikely to grow from these levels on Saturday but should be up on Sunday.
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I can guarantee 2 things from outcome of Kabir Singh's box office result for Shahid Kapoor

  1. he will not utilise this movie success and will go back into making movies with least potential and will be doing movies to satisfy critics like he has done in the past.

  2. He will start flying very very high like he has done the past and that will lead him flying too close to The sun and burn his wings like in the past...

he has made similar mistakes three or four times before he was given a good chance and I am pretty sure that he will repeat those mistakes all over again...

he made huge and very encouraging debut in eyes of producers they were all over signing him but he chose very poor screen started squabble with Salman Khan trying to teach him that his way of dance is wrong...

After life give him another Chance with the vivaah and jab We met again fell into movies of Vishal Bhardwaj etc because according to him that give him more satisfaction as an artist... Which is the usual bulshit....

Then again he got a chance after r Rajkumar and he repeated the same mistake again....

then he got another chance he had earned a lot of goodwill for his role in Padmavati and he went back into doing weird stuff that movie from the director of toilet was pathetic... He needed a movie with bigger reach because he had got appreciation from Padmavati he needed to capitalise on that but he again made similar mistake which he had been doing all along....

now once again after all those mistakes and all those chances has been given one more chance and I am pretty sure that this will be his last one....

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I fear the same will happen deep down but this time i feel he is more aware considering the fact that the new gen star were running ahead of him.. this movies result must have opened his eyes atleast in realizing the reception - moreover ehat he did right this time, what all worked for the movie and the boxoffice result he is looking at now, all these must have given him a clear straightforward warning on how to go ahead.. and i am sure that is the reason why all of a sudden he has put Dinko Singh biopic on hold, which he was so dying to do immediately.. and now taking time to lock his next.. hope he is waiting for a pure commercial colorful project rather than the dark ones he does usually.. that is the strong feel i have abt him now.. if thats not the case, then he isnt going ryt way and as u say, there wont be another chance..

I believe he has learnt his mistakes. Going ahead with the project based on Biking would be the better of the options he has now to build on the Kabir Singh momentum or just wait for a commercially appealing script and put the biopic on hold as hes doing now.. and this is the last chance for him to deliver himself to stardom or super satrdom or he will just be known as a great actor or performer forever..

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Clearly Current Generation Liked More Alchoholic, Valgur Type Film And Not Like Sensible Family Films Which Is Not A Good Sign For Bollywood. Because Youth Oriented Movie Never Generated Higher Number Of Footfalls And If Audience Not Coming Big Numbers On Cinemas Than Its A Worried Sign.

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True. I’ve been hearing it’s a very vulgar movie

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Perhaps career saving movie for SK......................

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Superb 1st day. More than everyone's expectations. Very deserving collection for Shahid finally. This is going to be a game changer no doubt.

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