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Top Advances 2019 - Kabir Singh Is Third

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Kabir Singh had the third best advance of the year as it collected around 11.50 crore nett pre release. The advance was universal as it collected all over. The collections may not be that far ahead of Kalank but the footfalls were 40-45% more in advance but it had a far lower ATP (Average Ticket Price).



If we compare with Bharat also the advance is 55% less than Bharat but the footfalls will be just 30% less than Bharat. There has never been a Shahid Kapoor film even remotely close to this in advance or in opening. Padmaavat was not a solo film but the opening of this better than that film anyway although that film did not get an advance due to the issues. But then it can be said that the film took an initial due to those very issues.



the top advance remains Avengers - Endgame with its insane numbers which are not going to beaten for sometime. The top advances of 2019 till date are as follows



1. Avengers: Endgame - 49,62,00,000 (Hindi and English version in Hindi markets, without South India)



2. Bharat - 23,47,00,000 (4 days)



3. Kabir Singh - 11,50,00,000 (5 days)



4. Kalank - 9,38,00,000 (5 days)



5. Kesari - 7.64,00,000 crore (4 Days)



6. Gully Boy - 7,20,00,000 crore (4 Days)



7. Total Dhamaal - 6,37,00,000 crore (3 Days)



The above films were the only films have some sort of advance this year. All figures are pre release all India collections.
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Great to see Shahid doing well in advance booking as well. Kabir Singh will be a big hit now no doubt.

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Welcome to the league of big stars, Shahid.

by Producer (113k points)
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Great, Another Clean hit for bollywood

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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Who could have thought???????????

by Mega Star (225k points)

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