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Kabir Singh
Spoilers Alert

If we have to choose one word for this film - It's just "marvelous" piece of cinema. No matter what those professional critic with their biased filter saying about the movie. It's must watch. It have woven age old saga of epic nd passionate love interwined with anger and personal journey about angry, unapologetic but brilliant protoganist who does every thing with sheer passion whether it's luv , profession or sports. THIS IS MAJOR THING WHICH THESE SO CALLED CRITICS CUDN'T UNDERSTAND. They are saying that kabir marked his girl like he own her from very first day but they are wrong. Cuz I'm sure they didn't even noticed kiara in a scene where shahid was facing dean of his college in that very scene kiara got impressed with kabir and that's why in next scene she was seeing only shahid aka kabir.
And for those who couldn't understand passion of love where self doesn't matter in front of other one . I'm sure many have thought the scene where shahid told kiara what is your status without me and she is agreeing with it - if they seeing it with liberal perspective they would have feel that it's misogynistic scene but if they see it with angle of selfless lover who doesn't care about self they wud understand that in passionate love self doesn't matter . And I'm sure that these same ppl wud have ignore the climax where kiara ask shahid who is he, what he is??? Nd he also agreeing that he is nobody. AND THIS IS THE MAIN THEME OF THIS FILM "SELFLESS LOVE FOR ANOTHER WHERE ONE SELF BECOME JUST IRRELEVANT BEFORE ANOTHER. Nd in these kind of love people behave like they own one another nd they just don't care about what other would think. And this feeling can only be understood by those who have undergone the same feeling which most of us ppl have undergone during our teen-ager or even later. Love is love it doesn't see respect, ego, anger or even jelousy. There is only sheer love nothing else where in separation of love one person could go to any length and even destroy oneself. AND THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE FILM And this has been portayed brilliantly by shahid and Kiara have also done great job.

Two incidents which describes his mental health issues

"A heartbroken man is like a girl going through PMS, don't tell him this is his fate, rather be attentive and understand his pain" the iconic analogy that Kabir gives to clear his constant mood swings and sad outlooks towards life.

"Two different aspects, it's hilarious when you superficially look at it, but it's one of the saddest point subtly mentioned. Kabir is on the verge of a mental breakdown, and he cannot stand anyone living happily, so he makes those happy group of fish go through Separation.

Kabir Singh(Shahid Kapoor) is a brilliant surgeon in Delhi with severe anger management issues along with alcohol & drug abuse and lives with his dog, Preeti. He tries to find a one night stand with one of his patients fiance. When she refused, he also tried to forcibly have sex with her but then shoves the plan. Kabir is a narcissistic man who has no interest in anyone's feelings apart from his burning heart. He has been the same since college, Delhi College of Medicine where he met Preeti Sikka(Kiara Advani) for the first time. He falls in love with her at first sight and starts giving her private sessions in Anatomy where he draws per bone on her body for illustration which came to and end with the Upper Thorax region.

Kabir's name saves her from strip ragging and when he rebels violently when his rivals apply color on Preeti during Holi, she falls in love with him too. She expresses at the boys hostel during her stay there because of her leg injury and eventually move in together till the end of his house surgency.

Unfortunately, Preeti's papaji catches the two in action and her marriage is fixed pronto the very next day. Oh no!! Expectedly, Kabir hits the bottle, overdoses on drugs and turns in to an unshaven lecherous lout who proposes "physical intimacy" to his sexy patient - actor Jia Sharma (Nikita Dutta) - and the lady actually falls for his rugged charm. Wow really!!

Kabir Singh is a slickly packaged redux of Devdas with an angry young man wala angle thrown in. A frame by frame remake of writer - director Sandeep Reddy Vanga's own Telugu blockbuster 'Arjun Reddy' ; it is a technically brilliant film where the songs are perfectly blended in the narrative, cinematography by Santhana Ravichandran is fantastic and the grand finale quite different from what we normally expect Devdas to do.

Shahid Kapoor - Time and again this actor proves he is one of the most versatile and talented actors in Bollywood. Just when you think he cannot give a better performance, he comes out with brilliance which makes us wonder how underrated this actor is. Shahid Kapoor maintained a physic and attitude of a college going Delhite with utmost mastery.You got to feel for his pain, separation.
Easily his best performance till date..

KIara Advani - Though the name Preeti playes an important charecter in the movie, Kiara Advani is seen comparatively less. But, her performance to her role extend was convincing for a timid First year to a dominant girlfriend. She too passes of a college girl with an ease and has given a upstanding performance with Shahid Kapoor.She's Pretty

Special mention to the guy who played Shiva and Shahid's brother, we all need a friend like him in life.

Sandeep Vanga has done a better job with Kabir Singh than with Arjun Reddy. It seems he has perfected what he missed in the first and then compiled a better version of his story. The dialogues of the movie is very delhite and raw when needed,i.e, most of the movie. Every second actually brings out curiosity in how Kabir is going to mess up more. The dialogues are spot on and funny when needed only.

Arjun Reddy was slow and real while Kabir Singh is slightly fast paced and filmy and I loved both.

The Philosophy of Kabir Singh/Arjun Reddy
Being born, being in love and then dying....These are just 10% of the important moments in our life The rest are just reactions to these moments

Rating 4/5

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Kabir Singh is a disturbing movie, the main protagonist himself is a guy who needed to be slapped and put behind bars at a young age to reform him. It's a disturbing thing to see people enjoying seeing him control and bully a young innocent girl on screen.

Keeping that aside, it's a decent watch. Direction stays on point for most part, found the 2nd half better than the 1st. Music is really good and Kiara looks beautiful.

Shahid Kapoor.....what a freaking performance. He lives Kabir literally and owns very freaking frame. The overrated khiljis and Sanjus need to see this act and learn some real class stuff from this guy. Proven yet again he's one of the best actors we have today.

Rating: 3/5

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wow mahn.... just wow....cannot believe it..... wow.

in a week riddled with unnecessary drag and overrated stuff i watched like stranger things, dark, true detective....this movie was the only satisfying material i watched....

i cannot believe it ....how director was able to take a 3 hour long drama....to such an incredibly engaging level.... that 99% of them just simply cannot achieve.

this movie is a hybrid between tere naam devdas and rockstar..

.but unlike these three...this movie has a happy ending.....and trust me i was super prepared for a MOVE ON type of ending....but no....dang..that was a nice twist....which made the movie satisfying for me......

and its so good....that for me it lived upto such hugest expectation i had from this one.....
i was really looking forward to this movie because i wanted to see what made arjun reddy a cult classic just after few months of release..... and now i saw it.

this director had every right to pick on these critics..... he nailed it.

easily best movie i watched this year.... bollywood and hollywood included....

i am never impressed easily .... with a movie or a drama.... because of just one simple thing.... DRAG...... untill or unless a movie is engaging....im all for it.... and a 3 hour long movie.... not being a drag...for me this probably has happened for the first time since.... i dont know 3idiots....perhaps.

just wished for the main lead actor to be a little bulky..... to give a real gunda type vibe.... as he was supposed to be feared by all..... due to his temper i grant you... but he was shown to be invincible.... a bulky physic would have helped. but thats just a minor nit pick

invincible he was .... but not just for the sake of it..... as i call that..."a convenient script point".... he had brains as well...he would argue with logic....

he was very clear with everyone he was dealing with.... girlfriend.... that heroine... his parents... the case against him.... everything everywhere was Crystal clear for him...

i absolutely cannot find anything flawed in this movie..... i would definitely rate it 4.5/5

best actor award should be his.

the last satisfying bollywood movie i watched was sultan...... its been a long time....

by Super-star (198k points)

Kabir Singh is the official remake of the 2017 Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. Shahid Kapoor reprises Vijay Deverakonda's role as a brilliant but self-destructive surgeon who descents into alcoholism and drug abuse when his girlfriend Preeti (Kiara Advani) is forcibly married to someone else.

Kabir is a prime example of a toxic mentality ruling the heart and mind of an overachiever. Kabir excels at everything, he's a university topper and also a champion sportsman. When a football ground fracas leads him to thrash opposition players, he's suspended from the college for some time. "I'm not a rebel without a cause, sir," he rants to his dean (Adil Hussain), justifying that he lost his temper because the prestige of the college was at stake.

He falls in love with a first-year student, at first sight, boldly claiming her as his girl in front of the college and warn other males to stay away. He wants her to excel and offers her private tutoring. One wonders why she follows him around so meekly. Why she doesn't retaliate when he kisses her in front of everyone, marking his territory.

Things change when students from another institution misbehave with her during Holi. He beats them up and that's when she actually opens up to him. They make their relationship physical and start living together. When he leaves for Mussoorie for higher studies, she keeps visiting him and he too reciprocates. He wants to marry her but her father, who catches them smooching, takes umbrage to that. He can't understand this behavior and overdoses on morphine and alcohol. In the meantime, her father forcibly gets her married. He goes and creates a ruckus at her place, which leads to his own father turning him out of the house. He starts working as a surgeon and becomes a functioning alcoholic. His medical license gets temporarily suspended by the court after a case goes wrong. Whether or not he turns his life around forms the crux of the film.

The film is going to make the feminists cringe for sure. We don't know why this meek girl tolerates her lover's borderline obsessive behavior. Why she doesn't slap him back when he slaps her. It can be a case of opposites attract but that doesn't come out in the film. He's also shown to be physically attracted to others but strangely doesn't consummate the relationship corrected it. The heroine is said to have left her husband and fends for herself, living alone despite being pregnant. Sadly, neither the original, nor this remake bothers to show us her side of the struggle. She's mostly absent after her marriage scene as the film dedicates itself to showcasing the hero's alcoholic stupor. The ending too is flawed. The sudden change of heart of the girl's father jarred in the original and here too adds unintentional hilarity to the proceedings.
At 172 minutes, the film is too long by modern standards. Thankfully, Vanga has gone for a non-linear mode of storytelling and going back and forth in the timeline does keep the viewer engrossed. Imaginative use of background score, especially when it comes to highlighting the hero's violent nature, too keeps the attention focussed.

What keeps us from noticing the film's flaws outright is the power-packed performance by Shahid Kapoor. He has done an amazing physical transformation for the film, managing to look like a student at first and later as a young professional, shedding at least a decade. His body language is spot on. The madness, the rage of Kabir Singh is made almost palpable through Shahid's portrayal. His heartbreak and alcoholism seem real as well. We wish Kiara Advani had more to do. Shalini Panday, who played Preeti in the original, had the innocence and vulnerability of a fresher down pat and somehow Kiara doesn't quite emulate that. She's better in the confrontation scenes but they are too few and far between. Mention must be made of Soham Majumdar, who plays Kabir's best buddy Shiva in the film. He's not just there for comic relief but is the archetype of a supportive friend who stands tall for his pals through every thick and thin. It was good to see Kamini Kaushal as the progressive grandmother. Needless to say, the veteran nails the role.

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Watch the movie on 1st Saturday itself. Show was houseful and audience were pretty excited for the film.

Coming to the movie, the first half of the movie is excellent, right from the opening scene. Shahids entrance is excellent in that beard look and with the classic song in the background. His character is just badass and doesn't care for what anyone says. The fight scenes look realistic and they're handled well. There are very good scenes I n 1st half like when Shahid sees Kiarra for the 1st time in college, scenes in the college campus etc. The 1st half is very interesting and goes fast without any hiring scene with many romantic scenes as well. Coming to second half it's somewhat feels slow but still very good. Shahid portrays his role as a drunkard, smoker like a pro. In other words an Awaara Aashiq. There are many heart touching scenes like when Kabir and Preeti get separated, the court scene etc. The climax of the movie is very emotional and it brings life to the movie. There are some violent scenes in the movie as well but it's the need of the script and is not at all disturbing. It was a great experience as well as there were many seetis and taalis throughout the film.

Coming to the performances, Shahid just nails the role of Kabir Singh. This is one of the best performances in a lead role ever. Kiarra is good. The guy who played Shiva, best friend of Kabir does a great job. We all need a friend like Shiva in our real life as well. His character is also very important part of the film.

BGM of the film is truely fantastic and it gives us great feeling especially the one where Kabir goes in his bike with Preeti to beat up the guy in other college. Songs are also superb. Best one being Bekhayali. Direction and Cinematography is good although not as realistic as the original film.

All in all, this is a perfect movie to watch especially for youth. No doubt the movie is performing great at the BO and it righly deserves so. I have seen Arjun Reddy as well and it's one of my favs. But this is a rightful remake and everyone has done great job. Kudos to the whole team.

My final rating 4/5. Don't miss this one.

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2.5/5 . Watchable .

by Location Manager (5.3k points)

How is it compare to arjun reddy?


Didn't see arjun reddy (smirk)


oh man I absolutely love the arjun reddy. Classic movie but dont wanna see kabir singh

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