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Critic Link Rating
Tanul Thakur Link NR
Namrata Joshi Link NR
Ananya Bhattacharya Link 1.5/5
Saibal Chatterjee Link 1.5/5
Raja Sen Link 1.5/5
Uday Bhatia Link NR
Anna MM Vetticad Link 1/5
Ronak Kotecha Link 3.5/5
Bollywood Hungama Link 4/5
Sukanya Verma Link 2/5
ZEE News Link 3.5/5
Stutee Ghosh Link 2/5
Mayur Sanap Link 3/5
Filmfare Link 3/5
Shubhra Gupta Link 1.5/5
Manjusha Radhakrishnan Link 3.5/5
Mahwash Ajaz Link 3/5
Anita Iyer Link 3/5
Rahul Desai Link NR
Gayatri Nirmal Link 3.5/5
Tushar P Joshi Link 4/5
Vishal Verma Link 4/5
Vikas Radhesham Link 4/5
Umesh Punwani Link 4/5

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Mahn I am ready for clean sweep in this movies prediction contest...
Opening day weekend and week all three are gonna come To me ....
Empty your points reserves for me management .... people

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What do I expect from this Far Left Biased Hypocrite Scum.
They have killed bollywood at most with their Insane Agenda.

Reviewer should watch a film with wholistic view from majority perception not with their narrowed agenda eye.

They could write their views on their personal blogs & Social Media Timelines but this shouldn't be a Review on News Platform.

Anyway I'm expecting Good WoM.

by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

how come arjun reddy survived telugu feminists i hope there would be very few of them


It is not about being a feminist. Arjun Reddy really had problematic characters. It worked due to it's rawness. And it was fresh at that time.

That character worked solely because how one dimensional every other character in the film was. Arjun Reddy being free spirited rebel woke everyone who ever wanted to be that.

His character wouldn't have worked against another strong character. If the girl was an Alpha or an exact female version of him then it would've spelt trouble. In the end, the film serves for every male fantasy & that's exactly why that climax worked.

That's exactly why the leniency for the first time around. Making it repetitive was obviously going to bring out other reaction. Arjun Reddy itself got negative reviews from it's users after the hype reduced.

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There r movies which r shown completely from Female perspective n movies which r completely from male perspective few movies which balance it out, Kabir Singh is a Movie about a Flawed character.

These Bollywood Critics Overaction for everything is annoying at times., Why a movie needs to be Socially correct?
They have destroyed the industry for their personal agenda, South critics are far better than them.

by Executive Producer (66.5k points)
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WoM is exceptional. What else is needed for a super hit? Fk all critics

by Production Designer (13.8k points)
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feminist brigade out in full force :D

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

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