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WhataboutyouGrandie ?


I think I'm Arlo from 'the good dinosaur'
It would be so incredible if I was like Marshal Erickson from How I met your mother

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A mixture of different Prems of MPK, HAHK,HSSH, Vivaah and Prdp.
I'm a little Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Par too.

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Prem?????? Does that bloke exist in real life? Thank God you dint become the Prem of Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon though. :D


May or may not exist but I aspire to be principally, morally and ethically correct like the Prems.


Shah: (rock) (y)

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Fifty % hashmi saab of jannat and 50% govinda of Dulhe raja(drunk)

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at the moment I think i am on the verge of becoming kabir singh.
Tony stark is the answer to the second question

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I was like Hrithik of Lakshya b4 he joins Army ...
I wish i could live the life of my most favourite Super hero ..

Spider Man

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In the last year or two, have ended up being HR from ZNMD (total workaholic). I'd love to be Rancho from 3I.....that guy was smart yet chilled out, or I'd love to be Tiger, have his swag and be an undercover agent.

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Akash of dil chahta hai..

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