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Actress Taapsee Pannu has revealed that she waited to get offers from superstars like Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan, before accepting the offers that came her way.

Like every actress, Taapsee also wants to work with Khans. "As an actress, I would love to do so. As a kid, I have grown up watching their films, but I cannot choose one favourite. I loved watching Salman Khan because of his larger than life persona, Shah Rukh Khan and romance. Any young girl would dream to have a boyfriend like Rahul. I love watching Aamir Khan because he is a very interesting actor."

In fact, Taapsee Pannu had waited to work with them before she took up other projects. She added, "Initially I waited for long to get an offer opposite any one of them, but since I did not get a chance, I explored the opportunities that came my way so that I can make my space here in the film industry."
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Atleast she got to work with SRK, even if it was SRK as Producer.

Interestingly, that was the only movie RCE made in recent years which was any good.

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Heard Ittefaq was a decent film.


@Karan Khan, it was a decent one time watch mainly due to Akshaye Khanna. Siddharth was dull as usual.

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but but dear taapsee what did you say about all men recently ....

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What does that have to do with her professional choices?

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Even today after 25-30 years of stardom all want to work with them only. Instead she got to work with Varunendra massssss.

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