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I always thought of him as my younger brother and today he proves it... #RohitShetty

Sooryavanshi releasing on 27th March, 2020.


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Salman Khan announces..... (rofl) (rofl)

And yet Akki fans have audacity to compare Akki with The Khans lol (giggle) (giggle)

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This is called being the Tiger. He announces the preponement of the movie which was to clash with him.

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Bhago Bhago Tiger Aaya.............

Matlab Rohit Shetty ko bhi film ka buzz badane ke liye salman ke saath clash ka drama karna padta hai.........

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Bhai ye to confirm lag raha hai ki Salman And Rohit Combo Hai future Main.....


Could be Veteran remake considering how comfortable Rohit Shetty is with remakes. Or else any tv show produced by Salman Khan. I doubt Chulbul being part of Singham/Simmba/Sooryavanshi franchise.


Yes Veteran Or Any other film remake also possible...... but looks like a good news because we saw biggest mass megastar and director combo. hope it happens.....


Salman announcing the date of the movie which was supposed to clash with him. This is box office power.

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Was always going to be the cards. And this also means we have a Shetty Salman combo coming up. So despite three back to back under performers on Eid, Salman have another solo release in 2020

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Oh lol time to retire from akki Fanclub. (heidy)

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BoycottSuryavanshi (rock)


you are already at lowest tier......where else are you gonna go??

... ritesh deshmukh fanclub or anupam kher warriors ??? which i think ....even .....would be far too ambitious

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Salman Khan Real Mafia of Bollywood.

Top3 Directors

All avoided clash with Salman

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Interestingly Salman decides Gigastar Akshay Kumar sir's films release dates instead of Gigastar sir(rofl) Aur inko Eid chahiye(rofl)


Amazing to see Akshay's name also not there. For a minute anyone can get confused and think Sooryavanshi stars Salman. :D

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This Is So Embarrassing
Its Better Not To Announce Clash Infact Without Checking With Other Star Than To Announce And Then Leave The Date

Now Salman Fans Will Say That Akshay Got Scared
And Akshay Fans Will Say That Salman Requested Rohit Shetty

But Bottom Line Is That Salman Will Get Solo Eid

Another Possibility Is There: Salman-Shetty Combo In Future

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"Akshay fans will say that Salman Requested Rohit Shetty".... Matlab gigastar Akshay Kumar ka koi aukaat hi nhi(rofl)(rofl) Sabkuch director hi decide karta hai(giggle)


Sad But True :x


This has further exposed the gulf between Akshay and Khans. Salman solo aata hai aur akshay ki movie kab aayegi wo bhi decide kar deta hai. (rofl)

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It was going bound to postpone because there was no way this film was going to release on Eid. However, I feel this movie will be a great one and it may give 90s vibes because Gulshan Grover will play the villain in this film. He was one the pioneers (As the villain) in Akshay Kumar's action movies. Examples of this legend e.g. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, Sabse Bada Khiladi, International Khiladi, Mohra and etc.

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Lol Megastar Salman khan announcing the date of clashing movie that ur coming on march 2019.. Main ek hi bar bolta hu aur ful n final hoja tha hai... Tum march pe ayoge...:D

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That picture is so damn good!
And we always knew there won't be any clash. Lets get ready for a Shetty-Megastar movie though

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i swear...it'll be the best thing ever........ agar in the last moment....inshAllah postpone ho jaye...... like in april or something..... hahhaa ..... it will hurt these guys even more..... which already is alot....

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Salman ne acha kiya warna Dono movie buri trah pit jati.

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Clash toh Rohit Shetty ne avert kiya... Phir ascha Salman ne kaise Kiya?(rofl)


Release date khud Salman ne diya hai.... Rohit Shetty ne nahi :D


Yehi toh POWER hai... Salman tay karta hai dusro ke films kab release honge.


Why will Salman give the date? Karan Johar select the date along with the co-producer & just asked Salman to make the announcement.

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