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Source Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/RanveerOfficial/status/1138669268147425280
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Fourth Hit Of Ranveer Deepika Pair On Its Way, One Of The Most Successful Pair Of Modern Era

Btw Ranveer Has Always Relied On Padding- i.e, Big Actress, Big Director!

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What about salman before wanted remove Sooraj and David and then see his successful films what stardom


Add Suraj and David in Akshay and Sunny Leone sry Deol's careers. Still you'll find them light years behind Ranveer Singh and Vicky Kaushal(rofl)

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This shameless moron knows his non existent star power so had to do such gimmick to get some eyeballs for his movie lol :D :D

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Hahahahahahaha. This desperate guy has to drag something or the other to sell his movie. Once again banking on his saviour to give himself a hit movie.

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salman to simba aur surgical strike ko bhi cross nahi kar paya and deepika without superstars is no Madhuri Dixit are yaar ab to chamchagiri band kar de


Ascha tauji! Gigastar Akshay aur Sunny Leone sry Deol ne toh abtak Uri ka aadha bhi nhi kar paya apne pure career mein. Uska kya??

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This will be Another SUPERHIT / BLOCKBUSTER Movie of RS.

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