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East Punjab is the barometer for the actual trend of a film on Eid as mentioned before as Eid its not a prolonged Eid holiday in the circuit. The Monday trend is better in East Punjab as the Friday figures were not boosted by Eid. The drop in East Punjab is only 50% as against the national average of 57%.  



The drop is less than other areas due to the Eid factor on Friday and also the film has found more appreciation in East Punjab and Delhi / UP. The multiplexes of North India is where the film is going to best. The markets of Centra India and Bihar have collected well due to Salman Khan and Eid but the appreciation in mass markets is not there which could be seen in the drop on day two as these places should hold much stronger on Bassi Eid.  . 



The growth in East Punjab on Saturday was better than the all India average as the collections came down in areas where Eid was holding them up on the third day. Below is what the trend of the film would have been if there is no leftover after the big Eid holiday. It is a healthy trend on Saturday with film going up 30% plus if things were all normal.



The trend below is how the film would gave behaved roughly in terms of drop if only the first day was a national holiday. The collections of Bharat over the first six days in East Punjab are as follows.



Wednesday - 3,98,00,000 (national holiday)



Thursday - 2,11,00,000 (-46.98%)



Friday - 1,64,00,000 (-22.27%)



Saturday - 2,16,00,000 (+31.71%)



Sunday - 2,38,00,000 (+10.19%)



Monday - 81,00,000 (-50.61% from Friday)




TOTAL - 13,08,00,000 apprx



The real trend till now  is not great but its not bad either barring that hit on Sunday when growth should have been 10-15% more but the big match hit the film.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=5100
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200cr is a tough ask now all depends upon next weekend.
Stop this Bajrangi drama now and start making larger than life movies like before already failed twice. Slow, boring screenplay and So called situational cum flop album.
Said from the first day it's a highly risky movie, movie turned out exactly that but you can't say that else you will be termed fake "Jisko Kuch Acha Nahi Lagta".
Trend is here in front of all and with bharat weekend even race3 would have managed 200cr lifetime which shows it's acceptance GHANTA.

Start Making Larger than life movies Megastar enough of this content drama.

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Dangal is the only atg which is not larger than life ....


Wow. Coming from a fan, that is very honest.

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Lol, BOI trying hard, and falling on their face. Not exactly me.

And EP trend is not true trend by any means, BOI themselves said that the movie found some appreciation in EP but not in many other parts of country. So how is trend of one state where it found appreciation the true trend of entire country where it didn't according thi this genius site?

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If this hasnt found the appreciation I dont see how a love story in the form of Inshaallah will do the trick next Eid. As for now Tiger 3, Kick 2 and veteran remakes are the best bet for Salman. Not including D3, since I have serious doubts on PD.

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Salman Khan.... Routine...
I have amazing script sense, choosing best script is my priority, I come from writer's family so I know what works...
Salman khan family & friends - bhai we chose a script.... Green lits it... First...... Script later

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What A Boring Article!

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ha ha ha............

esi ko kehte hai baal ka khaal nikalna, boi yahi kar raha hai.

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BOI never fails to make me laugh out loud. Non Eid. really.

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Pathetic article...

A Salman don't need this

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Bharat East Punjab circuit
Wed - 3.84cr
Thu - 1.95cr
Fri - 1.45cr
Sat - 2.04cr
Sun - 2.31cr
Mon - 0.78cr
Tue - 0.68cr

Total - 13.05cr

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How many times you given your so called calculated figure........

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