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Both are banned for being fake accounts. Users are reminded they can express themselves with one account itself, multiple ones arent allowed.

- Team IBO
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@Ajay originally it was kabir ..
He made ids with salmaniac & rajat ..
So blocked all the 3 ..
We have a doubt on another id too ..


Ok i am nit question about your good decision. I just known how's id is? That's why i asked you. Thanx for reply.


Ajay mods and admins can check IP address of users which was found to be matching in this case.


Ha bhai maine to keval ye janane ke liye pucha tha ki pata to cahle ki kon hai ye log aur kaha se aate hai ye log. Tumne jawab de diya. Uske like ek upvote meri taraf se.

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Dang that's some overtime.... And dedication.... For nothing.
You can never know the intentions....

I hope I'm not someone's fake account.

by Super-star (198k points)
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Hahahahahahaha. After seeing all of these cant say for anyone


Haha If I am a fake account I hope its of Charlie runkle or dark jalil
.. P. S I have my doubts that baadshah is a fake account of filman.... Thunderbird is your fake account.... Rancho is kashyap's fake account and kashyap is aamir khan's fake account.
.... Salmaniac rajat and kabir all were so contrasting users.....

Appearances are so deceiving on this forum.... You never know
I hope I'm not baazigar.... That would be just the end....




Yeah, that is the amazing part. Bash Salman and Hr as Rajat, praise HR as Kabir, bash the khans as Brahmastra, praise Salman as Salmaniac................................can't wrap my head around it.

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Now ghajni and mohanjadaro is safe

by Location Scout (5.0k points)
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For kabir or whatever his name is ...
Chalo kuch toh forum ka kachra saaf hua ...

by Producer (118k points)

So many fake accounts....for a minute started to feel I am Kabir's fake account. :D

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