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Bharat - The Real Value Trend Till Now [BOI]

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Bharat has done very good business till now aided by Eid in many circuits but the barometer in Eid is always East Punjab as the Eid affect there only lasts for one day with the big national holiday. After that its back to regular business which is not the case in other circuits.

The second day in East Punjab was a regular working Thursday and the film saw a near 50% drop while most of the country held up much better. It should have held even better as second day after Eid is like a national holiday in most parts of the country and then on Friday the Eid affect remains mainly in mass centres of UP and Bihar.

The growth in East Punjab on Saturday was better than the all India average as the collections came down in areas where Eid was holding them up on the third day. Below is what the trend of the film would have been if there is no leftover after the big Eid holiday. It is a healthy trend on Saturday with film going up 30% plus if things were all normal.

The collections of Bharat over the first four days in East Punjab are as follows.

Wednesday - 3,98,00,000 (national holiday)

Thursday - 2,11,00,000 (-46.98%)

Friday - 1,64,00,000 (-22.27%)

Saturday - 2,16,00,000 (+31.71%)

TOTAL - 9,89,00,000 apprx

East Punjab is normally 9% circuit for a big film like Bharat but it is lower at the moment as it did not get a second day or third day boost but at the end of its run it will settle close to 9%.

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2nd day of bharat was a working day at least for me but even that was the case with BB 4th day but that's National holiday according to boi even 5th day is Partial holiday.
Boi could have normally declared that Eid was celebrated for 7 days due to BB rather

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Yes..both the second and third day had similar falls of 28% what was special about 2nd day ? And what the eff is baasi Eid ?


As a matter of fact..Few work places dnt even have one day eid holiday ..!!!

Celebration is one's choice..Entire year u can.


Exactly Charlie......yeh Baasi Eid kis chawal bnday ny naam dala hai

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2nd day of Bharat was a working day , at least for me ..

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Even in my place ..

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