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WTF is happening here? Someone can be banned just for a writing critic as critik! If you don't have valid points to argue then ban opponents. Kya isi kaam ke liye mod banaye gaye the inko?

Thunder bird has called me 'tiger is real tool' instead of 'TIGER - the real king'. I didn't even complain about it. Itna saa joke and humor toh chalta hai man!

Dear admins and mods before closing/hiding this post please note that this isn't the first time he's misused his power today. At noon an user (most probably Roman or Ssk) has made a post and Thunder bird answered there in couple of minutes and immediately (within couple of seconds) this guy selected it as the best answer (though later someone de-selected it).

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The ban given was not justified. And other mods and myself had it removed. Mild mocking and trolling is something which makes this forum fun.

I de selected one of those best answers and any kind of misuse or misbehaviour is always looked into.

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Check pm

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It was roman's post yet he selected the best answer bcoz it favoured srk within minutes so i de-selected it

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

Ok listen up @hello_im_creepy you have been banned before as well for name calling this is your last warning or else be ready to be banned again


lol to ye chameleon 99 cr stupid to bade achche terms users kar rahe ho tum log :D


First i never used chameleon second i said 99 cr legend not stupid so stop lying


30 minutes ago u hv accepted urself a chameleon... Ab mene chameleon bola toh kya galat bola?

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First of all, mock him ss much as you want, just not on his work, peace, that's it.

Regarding my answer as best, well previous answer that was selected was Jatinder's own, so he de selected his own answer and selected mine..... Any problem with that?

by All Time best! (269k points)

agree mocking someone's work is wrong


If I make a post I must have the right to select the best ans. Atleast I should be given couple of hours to select the best.... Itni badi kya aafat aa gayi thi ki post banne ke 4-5 minutes ke andar best ans select kar liya gaya tha? Thousands of posts are there without the best ans since years, hundreds of contests results are pending. Why don't you guys work on those things?

2 log aapas me ek gang banao... Koi bhi post daale uspe gang ka ek member ans dalo aur dusre se usko best ans banwa dalo within couple of seconds.... Bahut khub(clap)(clap)

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yaar tu kitna rota hai (facepalm)
apna usename change kar

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

jo bhi hun rota to nahi hun na baat baat par


Means u r accepting urself a chameleon(rofl)


haan bhai aage nikal ab


Tumhari mano-kamna puri ho... Tathastu.

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You should banned for 3000 Times.

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agree him and that sample case playboy too


Toh fir hamar banwa ke liye kaahe gid-gidawatani? (rock)


Mjhe dono se koi Problem nahi ..
Nahi @Playboy se aur nahi isse...
Mai inhe Ignore he krta hu (rofl)


Jawab kahe nhi dewatani.... hamar banwa ke liye kaahe gid-gidawatani?

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